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New Champ Crowned at Grand Nationals

ShanehendershotJust moments ago, Shane Hendershot of Zanesvile, Ohio, claimed the Wild Turkey Bourbon/NWTF Grand National Senior Division Calling Championships. It is Hendershot's first Grand National victory. He unseated defending champ, Matt Van Cise of Pennsylvania, who was the first runner up. Rounding out the top five were Georgia's Kerry Terrell in 3rd place, Billy Yargus of Missouri in 4th and James Harrison, also of Missouri, who finished in 5th.

In the Owl Hooting Competition, former champion Dale Palmer of Illinois claimed another crown, while in the Gobbling contest, Scott Wilhelm of Wisconsin took top honors.

In other contest news:

Sixteen-year-old Lance Hanger of Churchville, Va. won the NWTF Grand National Intermediate Calling Championship.

The Junior Division winner was once again, Dakota Clouser, 15, of Fort Smith, Ark., who set a new record by being the only youth to claim the junior title four times.

Check back throughout the week to see a video of the trophy ceremony as well as more news on this years NWTF convention.


Rusty in Missouri

I tip my hat to all the winners. I am the worst caller in the USA and possibly the world but can still pull a long beard in. I enjoy the hunt and a good caller but there is more to it than a contest amoung people. One of my sons is an excellent caller but chokes in every contest; but in the timber talks old birds right up to your gun barrel, that is where it counts.


I'm with you Rusty. I couldn't win a contest if I tried, but as long as I can fool a longbeard, I suppose that is as good as I have to be. And while gobblers will sure enough drive you crazy, in my experience, more often than not, there much less critical judges than a panel of human beings listening to contestants on a stage. Good luck this spring!