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Senior Calling Champ Preliminaries

Calling_print_1Here's the list of those who made the cut for tomorrow's Senior finals at the Wild Turkey Bourbon/NWTF Grand National Calling Championships with today's preliminary score:

J.R. Lanham, Bunker, MO 364

Shane Hendershot, Zanesville, OH 362

James Harrison, Hillsboro, MO 360

Kerry Terrell, Brooklet, GA 355

Walter Parrot, Smiths, AL 354

Josh Grossenbacher, Seville, OH 353

Brian Gulvas, Vandergrift, PA 353

Daymon Davis, Danville, PA 352

Sadler McGraw, Camden, AL 352

Billy Yargus, Ewing, MO 352

Jim Pollard, Fort Smith, AR 351

Mark Prudhomme, Georgetown, SC 351

Matt Van Cise, Chicora, PA 345

Not surprisingly there's a few fresh names among the mix of former calling champs (Parrot, Pollard, Van Cise) as well as the usual mix of callers sponsored by Woodhaven Custom Calls. Check back here tomorrow afternoon to see who claims the biggest title in the turkey calling world. Until then...