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NWTF Nashville Report

ExhibithallinsideMy wife and I just made it back from Nashville on Sunday before the snow storm swept down upon Jersey. Worn out from the weekend's activities in Nashville where more than 30,000 some odd turkey hunters and their families gathered for the NWTF convention, we used the bad weather as an excuse to nap the rest of the day. Despite being beat, I have to confess, I wasn't feeling as exhausted as some of the federation's employees were surely feeling. I worked the event while with the organization for almost seven years and I have to confess, it is a heck of a lot more fun on this side of the experience.

It still didn't mean I had much down time as we worked to meet with countless turkey hunting personalities and manufacturers to produce a whole line up of ideas that will help you become a better turkey hunter this spring.

If you're looking to see who won the latest contest (calling, call making, taxidermy or otherwise), check out the NWTF convention news page. I'll also have more details on my experience at the temporary turkey hunting capitol of the world in the coming posts. Stay tuned.


Pat Strawser

Hey Doug,
sorry I didn't get to chat with you at Nashville,...just to darn busy with all the calling contests, and I was putting my calls in the "working division" the day I saw you. It turned out to be a great convention for me, hope you had a good time. I'm heading to florida to start wackin'.

Pat Strawser