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What Broadhead is Best for Turkeys?

The other day Nelson posted a question at The Strut Zone wondering what broadhead was best for turkey hunting. The timing of his inquiry couldn't have been better as I was headed to Pennsylvania the next morning where Outdoor Life was going to be conducting our 2007 Bow Test at Lancaster Archery Supply. I figured who better to answer Nelson's question than Lancaster Archery owner Rob Kaufhold and five-time World 3-D Champion JoElla Bates, who is probably the only woman to have taken a Grand Slam with a bow. Here's their discussion on the topic via video:

Hope that helps, Nelson.

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there must be something wrong with our computer because I can't seem to be able to get the video,but thanks anyway.I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the bow test.


Hey Nelson,

I'll shoot you what they suggest in type as soon as I can, maybe later today. In fact, I'll try to post it on the blog.



What do you think of the "Rage" expandable broadhead?


The Rage broadheads seem to be...well...all the rage right now. I've yet to use them on game, but from those guys I've talked with who have, they seem to love them. Outdoor writer Bill Heavy gave me some the day off my last bow hunt last fall, but I stuck with what I had at the time.

In talking to other guys, for turkeys, I'd go with the three-bladed Rage instead of the two-bladed model. The cutting diameter is about a 1/4 inch less, but that's not as important with a longbeard. The extra blade will provide one more surface striking the bird, thus slowing the energy just a little more, which is what you want when turkey hunting.

I personally still like a shotgun for most of my turkey hunting. But if I hit the woods this spring with my bow, I'm almost certain a Rage will be on the end of it. That or my Crimson Talons.


Thanks for the info, Doug.I'm heading to Kansas on Sunday and plan to be out there about a week.I'm really exited about hunting out there instead of the big woods public land birds here in MO.


Anyone have experience with the Gobbler Guilotine?


I shot a turkey during Oklahomas fall season with a Rage three blade broadhead at twenty yards and the bird was dead before I got to it. They do an awesome job on a deer also.


Shot a huge gobbler with crimson talon. went right through and lost the bird. going to switch to a large mechanical i.e. vortex.