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Maybe An Extra Pair Would Be Good

Every manufacturer wants to sell their product and stand out among their competition. The other week at a media event held by ExOfficio, makers of performance clothing, I saw a claim on one of their products that I just had to ask about.

The product was a pair of underwear. On the packaging it read, "17 countries. 6 weeks. And one pair of underwear." I put Media Relations rep Janine Robertson to task on that one.

"Hey, I'm heading out on some adventures including one to Curucao next week. If I get a pair of these, you're saying this is the only pair I need to tote?!"

She went on to explain that they are extremely breathable, anti-microbial and quick drying.

"But just to be safe, you might want to take two pairs," she laughed. "That way you can switch them out while you wash the other pair."

I agreed. While I've been on plenty of trips where bathing wasn't too accessible, I didn't care to keep a pair of underwear around that would ... well, maybe we shouldn't go there.

Anyway, I did try them out. And while I wouldn't go one week, much less six with any single pair of drawers, these are the ones you want to be wearing whether you're on the links in Curacao or marching up a mountain after longbeards in the Sierra Madres. Heck, they work pretty well sitting on your couch watching a ball game, too.

With that, have a great Memorial Day weekend. I'm slowly getting unburied from the back up of work from being out this spring. Oh, and I'll be joining Ray Eye on his Saturday morning radio show tomorrow. I'll be on tomorrow morning around 6:30 a.m. Central Time. I think you can catch it on the web at http://www.kfns.com.

And to you hardy souls still chasing longbeards out there—best o' luck to ya.