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Turkey Attack: The Sequel

In keeping with yesterday's B-slapping (as in B-Mobile) video of a turkey flogging the gobbler decoy with its spurs and wings before absorbing a shot by the Farris women, we've got another one for you courtesy of Primos.

Here, Carrie McCullers fills a quick tag after getting one heck of a show of a Florida longbeard drubbing the snot out of B-Mobile's predecessor—an actual taxidermied gobbler named Bob that the company's film crew used to use during some of their hunts.

This is—er, um, was—one mad turkey!



I was thinking of buying a b-mobile but this has sold me.


B-Mobile, Pretty Boy, Montana Decoys, or a real stuffed gobbler are the "deal" right now. B-Mobile definitely offers the right blend of packability and realism, but regardless of what you use, the gobbler decoys more so than the hens seem to really be getting the job done as of late.


I bought a B-mobile decoy at the start of the spring 2007 season and at first it didnt work because the turkeys didnt get a chance to see it.....then once they saw it, thats when i got my 25 lb turkey with a 12 inch beard. that was one nice turkey