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A Quick Kill in Kansas

Szkarhl1Our weekend of hunter photos continues as we showcase more Give Us The Bird Photo Contest entrants.

Here, Adam Kahrl poses with the tom he took in El Dorado, Kan., this spring. Kahrl was set up against an oak tree on a cow pasture with decoys in front of him when he spotted a few "black balls moving about 300 yards to the west in the field."

Still aways out, the turkeys were clearly moving toward the hunter's calls. Continuing their approach, the birds drifted into the timber and going out of Kahrl's sight.

"I kept softly calling to them and watching for movement," the hunter says. "In the blink of an eye, one of the gobblers made a mad dash for the decoys from the woods."

As the bird charged into range, Kahrl hit it with a quick double cluck, which paused the tom long enough for the hunter to squeeze his trigger.