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A Real Do-It-Yourself Hunter

SzbanksLevi Banks, who only small game hunted as a young boy, is a recent convert to turkey hunting. As you can see, he's become a fast learner.

Here's his story in his own words:

These are my first two turkeys taken during my first two hunting seasons, the spring and fall of 2006.
I got a lot of help and guidance from some friends, on-line articles and a hunting/fishing related magazine or two. A friend donated the camo, my dad let me borrow a gun, I made the turkey call, and I went on public land by myself.

Partially I got lucky, but I also worked pretty hard to get these. 

I had to walk at least a mile for the spring bird (my first day out!) and two miles for the fall bird, one way. Both were taken on the same conservation area near the Missouri River.

The spring bird weighed about 20 pounds, while the one in the fall was about 23. The spring bird had a 10-inch beard and 1 1/4-inch spurs; the fall one had a 12-inch beard and 1-inch spurs (Editor's Note: What a hog!!!!! Look at that rope!). I got one about the same size as last spring this spring, but my digital camera was broken at the time.

Szbanks2You can ask my wife though, as soon as I pulled the trigger on my first turkey I knew I was hooked. I hunted almost everyday I could for the fall season, stumbling upon the bird I got one day and realizing he wouldn't come to a call went back a few days later to sit under his roosting tree and wait for him. 
I could go on all day...it may not be worthy of Hanback's blog, but I also got my first deer last year and have been making plans to fill the freezer with turkey and deer this fall.

Thanks for the story and pictures Levi. Dude, you are definitely hooked. Welcome to the Obsession! 




i have to make a comment on this one. that beard is just too big for a guy not to drop his jaw over.

nice work, keep shooting 'em like that and you'll be shooting turkey advertisements for primos or someone!


His fan looks a little rough because instead of seeing him walk up like I thought would happen, he started to fly over my head and I had to shoot him out of the air then carry him over my shoulder all the way back to the truck with frequent rests to switch shoulders.