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Smoked Turkey

Szmatthews3Eleven-year-old Amanda Matthews of Woodland Park, Colo., has been helping call in turkeys and elk with her dad, Randy, since the age of 4. In that time, the two have shared many successful hunts, including the one pictured here where Amanda finally got to pull the trigger herself. She used her father's old single-shot .410 to drop this Flagler, Colo., trophy, her first given her age.

The longbeard weighed in at 22 pounds and had a 9 1/2-inch beard and 1 1/2-inch spurs. Pretty darn phenomenal for a Merriam's and an incredible first bird.

SzmatthewsRandy, who sent the photos in, says he's looking forward to hunting with Amanda for deer this fall. Good luck to both of you and good luck in the photo contest.