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A Strut Zoner Strikes!

James Patch sent a short report and photo of his mid-month New Hampshire bow turkey taken during the Granite State archery-only season:

Hey Steve,
Had some success today in NH in way of a 12 lb hen. I will confess that two other arrows were launched earlier in the week without cutting a feather! These guys that sit in tent blinds to hunt birds with bows because "it's challenging" need to leave that blind at home if they want a challenge. Plunking your butt up against a tree and drawing your bow on a flock of birds is definitely challenging . . . and fun! I even left my cushion in the truck this morning so my butt was a little sore by 7:30 am when the birds finally showed. It all worked out though.James Patch-SZ Post 10-24-08


Steve Hickoff


Congrats again on your NH bow turkey. Persistence pays!