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Making It Happen

My good buddy Bethge's right. The best fall turkey hunting is yet to come. For some, it arrived this week.

In New York state, longtime friend, hunting guide, and turkey dogger Kevin Evans and his son Cody—Cody dog 001 with whom I had the pleasure of sharing a hunt several years ago when the younger Evans took his first fall turkey (and I filled one of my tags)—teamed up to score on turkeys, doubling on November 4 birds.

Getting in a quick hunt after school, father, son, and turkey dog "Patchezs" (eyes glowing from the flash in this pic provided by Evans) got a good break on 30-40 field turkeys, and by the end of it, each had tagged one. 

Are you Strut Zoners getting out with your kids for any fall turkey hunting? Keep us posted when time provides.

For more information on Evans' guided turkey hunts, both spring and fall, check out his website at: http://www.turkeyridgehunts.com/

—Steve Hickoff 



Gobble Gobble cluck cluck purr purr, click BOOOOOOOOM.

Steve Hickoff

How're you doing down there in Arkansas Dirty?


Good, man. Got a freezer full of deer meat. I'm gonna wait for all this booming to end and then I'm gonna be fully dedicated to sliding one through my thanksgiving meal! You tagged one yet? Maybe you can help a loyal Strut Zoner out and come down here and show me how it's done. I have exclusive access to over 1000 acres leased and private. Nobody fall turkey hunt's here, unless one walk's by the deer stand during bow season. Our season end's here Feb 28. Book your trip now.

Steve Hickoff


Sounds like you're in paradise, brother! Congrats on fillin' the freezer. Buddy here killed a big fat doe yesterday . . .

Schedule's full up, but "1000 acres leased and private" sounds like a sweet deal. Rain check?


Sure. You tagged one yet?

Steve Hickoff

Naw, I just like to find them and scare them into the air so that I can call them back. Catch and release baby.

As I told Gerry, I was out for bow turkeys in New Hampshire this morning (season runs until Dec. 15). Found birds. Eight of 'em. Picking goodies from a farmer's manure pile, or as a biologist once described it in conversation, " . . . thriving on New England's hot lunch program." Just didn't seem right to move on 'em.

Maybe I'm gettin' picky? The Granite State archery tag is the one I usually eat with barbecue sauce when the season ends. Hunt them on foot, no blind. Lots of fun though. Will keep ya posted.


LOL!!!! Good luck man! Don't eat a tag this year. Put some meat on the ground!

Steve Hickoff

Honkers lately bud! Big. Loud. More of 'em!