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Turkey Calls ’09

Hammerhead If you're like me, you need something to get you through winter to that first game-time gobble. Here at the Strut Zone we’ll do our best to share what’s new in turkey gear for this coming spring season. Today’s post highlights three recent offerings from Knight & Hale Game Calls:

Knight & Hale’s new box call, the Hammerhead, contains a soundboard within the box, essentially creating a soundboard within a soundboard. This soundboard system consists of raised ribs of specific length, height and width — borrowed from the company’s Hammer Series friction calls — which softens the highs and lows to create a more nasal tone. The Hammerhead Box base is machined out of a single piece of poplar wood, meaning that there are no glued corners to fall apart or dampen the sound, and has a waterproof coating. The lid is made of cherry wood.

Knight & Hale’s new Yella Hammer Kit comes with a Yella Hammer friction call featuring the “works wet or dry” Sla-Tek friction surface, the new Harold Knight Fire’n Ice diaphragm, a new Smoke’n Fire diaphragm, a matching color owl call, a Super Striker with a polymer tip for wet-or-dry calling and a yellow birch striker.

Glass hammer kit Knight & Hale’s new Glass Hammer Kit features a Glass Hammer Friction Call, a Super Striker with a polymer tip that works wet or dry, a yellow birch striker, an Ole Reliable triple-reed diaphragm, a Screaming Hen II double-reed diaphragm and a matching color owl call for locating spring gobblers.

Both kits also include an instructional DVD with tips and calling/hunting instruction, along with some turkey hunts that show how to use the calls in live situations.

For more information contact Knight & Hale Game Calls, 3601 Jenny Lind Road, Fort Smith, AR 72901; (479) 782-8971; www.knightandhale.com <http://www.knightandhale.com> — Steve Hickoff