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September 18, 2007

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FBI Study

An interesting article by Marshall Lewin just out in the September issue of the NRA’s First Freedom publication (available at NRANews.com) takes a look at a study released recently by the FBI titled “Violent Encounters: A Study of Felonious Assaults on America’s Law Enforcement Officers.” The article states that in this study the FBI looked at 800 cases submitted by agencies from around the U.S. and culled them down to 40 incidents involving 50 officers and 43 offenders in which both victims and officers were interviewed in depth.

Two quotes really leaped out at me:

“Of the 33 handguns used to assault the officers who participated in the current study, 32 (97 percent) were obtained illegally.”

“None of the rifles, shotguns or handguns connected with this study were obtained from gun shows or related activities.”

Todd Smith



You don't really expect the Brady's or Bloomie to believe that do you???!!! Not one gun show gun??? Unpossible. How many of those illegal guns were .50 cal airplane shooter downers?


Think Katie Couric/Charlie Gibson/Brian Williams leads with this story tonight....

Don't think so....

It's not news if it can't be used to push their liberal agenda.


Several comments.

First, the study's focus was on the circumstances where an offender would assault a police officer. The study wasn't done to measure where criminals who would assault police officers got their weapons. In fact, several of the assaults reviewed involved weapons other than firearms, including a carving fork.

Second, the study wasn't a random sample--it was self-selected--so attempting to draw any conclusions from numbers is meaningless.

Third, the criminals who did use firearms acknowledge they could get guns from those who purchased them legally.


Here's a link to a copy of the report:


See Chapter 4


...and again, stats can be adjusted to give a selected outcome. It would be interesting to see the "real" stats on all 800 cases.


I was just wondering how the report would read if we had a Democrat in the White House. I got a pretty good idea by reading some of the above.

Greg Noel

I know its cliche, but it just goes to show if guns were illegal only criminals would have them!!!When is the liberal left going to open thier eyes and use thier head for somthing other than a hat rack?

Bucks Owin

What's new? We all know that criminals don't pay any attention to the dem's idiot gun laws, they're CRIMINALS! DUH!
I'm getting to the point where I consider democrats criminals too....


Black Rifle Addict

Let's not forget that these are assaults against police, and if these scum bags will attack police us silly civilians have more to fear from them.


This blog is supposed to be about hunting, shooting and politics!?
Last week, I ordered a DVD on hunting techniques from an on-line dealer. Wednesday, to be exact. The lady assured me the DVD would be on it's way, post-haste. I waited, excitedly, for my parcel to arrive. Saturday, just like she promised, a USPS Priority Mail mailer arrived with the company's return address on it. I dropped it in the truck seat and hurried to the house. Saturday afternoon, chores caught up, wife working, kids gone being kids.
I got into the house and started to open the envelope......
There, inside was the receipt, an order form for a book by the same author, but no DVD!
Now, I don't know if the guilty USPS employee thought it might be and adult video and decided they needed it for their own entertainment, OR, due to the return address, had a good idea what was inside and wanted it for themselves or thought they were protecting "Bambi"!! Shipping and all was less than $20. BUT DAMMIT, IT'S MY VIDEO!!!!!
If I could lay my hands on the guilty scum sucker, I'd like to treat 'em like a grass carp, gill 'em and throw 'em back. They would never see another piece of mail that had not been opened for screening by a prison guard!
Now, I'm pretty angry about the whole ordeal, but I know it isn't the USPS, it's got to be one of their low-life employees. If something as cheap as a $20 hunting videa is not safe, how do we, as American citizens ever expect to trust them.
My college age daughter called today. She wants me to send her $100 to pay for an auto part she had to put on her piece of junk vehicle so she could get back and forth to school. I promised I would help her keep it running as long as she was in school. I can't go back on my word as a parent. The USPS should be just as reliable.
If he/she would steal, yeah, I said "STEAL" a $20 video, they'd go nuts over a $100 check!


This is yet another fine example of how gun legislation only stands to impact law abiding citizen. I find it preposterous and irritating that there are actually people out there who believe criminals will be deterred by a gun law -- they're criminals for a reason and it is absurd to suggest that a gun law will be the one that finally sets them straight. All the gun laws do is disarm innocent civilians while simultaneously doing nothing to effectively disarm criminals. I fear the day any of these laws get passed. You can bet crime will increase overnight violent crimes will dramatically increase, as well. "An armed society is a polite society."

Sgt. Bob Young, Retired Maricopa County S|O

And yet another example of why law abiidng people should be allowed to carry firearms.
If you ban something, be it guns,alchol, drugs, it creates an instant illegal market for it. So if firearms were successfully banned from all civilian purchasers, then would these same civilians rush to the black market to buy weapons. No, I don't think it would be the majority of law abiding public, it would be those who don't care what laws they break.
So when this happens, what do you think these people will be doing with their illegal guns?