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October 18, 2007

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Last week California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law a pair of bills that will ban traditional ammunition and require firearms sold in California to include a patented, sole-sourced technology known as firearms microstamping. (Microstamping is a process by which a firearm's make, model and serial number are micro-laser engraved on the tip of the firing pin so, in theory, that information would be imprinted on any cartridge casing fired in the gun.)

The first bill was pushed through at the behest of anti-hunting groups that claim that lead ammo endangers California condors that feed on carrion. The second bill is supported by anti-gun groups who are trying, by any means at their disposal, to hobble the rights of gun owners. Ahnoldblog

What is so infuriating about the microstamping legislation is that the governor ignored a state-funded study by the University of California at Davis (hardly a bastion of pro-gunners) that called firearms microstamping a “flawed” technology. The study went on to state, “At the current time it is not recommended that a mandate for implementation of this technology in all semiautomatic handguns in the state of California be made. Further testing, analysis and evaluation is required.”

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), independent research also demonstrated that criminals would be able to remove the laser engraving in mere seconds using common household tools. Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel, said, “The governor has proven to gun owners and sportsmen that he is just another liberal anti-gun Hollywood actor--he just plays a moderate Republican on TV. Mr. Schwarzenegger has now exposed himself for what he really is, the most anti-gun and anti-sportsmen governor in America.”

NSSF also points out that microstamping firearms would not impact criminals since, according to ATF, firearms used in crimes in California were originally sold on average almost 13 years before being recovered by the police. Firearms used in crimes are not newly sold guns, but old guns that have been in circulation on average for over a decade.

Schwarzenegger supposedly signed the microstamping bill to give police another tool in fighting crime. Let’s call that for what it is—balderdash. It’s absolute twaddle to think “microstamping” will help the police solve crimes. This is legislation aimed squarely at legitimate gun owners.

Slaton White



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Style and semantics over substance. Given the opportunity, a politician will do what looks good instead of what is right almost every time. Leadership, intelligence, and courage are qualities sadly lacking in American politics.


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