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October 23, 2007

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Trigger Man

The “psycho in the woods” is one of the most enduring (and clichéd) movie plot devices employed by Hollywood. Usually the people who meet Mr. Psycho are in the act of transgressing against societal norms (the college-boy term for behaving badly) when the chainsaw gets fired up—teenagers indulging in drink and nudity is a favorite. This is why once you look beyond the blood and gore most horror flicks are really just prissy morality tales. Serves the little sex maniacs right. (Cue the wood chipper.)

Well, this formula is being applied to hunters this time in the film Trigger Man, which claims to be based on true events. Now I haven’t seen the film yet, which is in limited release, and I’m not sure I will, though it is getting some good reviews.

A synopsis of the plot says it is the story of three old friends from New York City who travel down to Wilmington Delaware (at 7:04 a.m. to be exact) for “a day long hunting (sic) excursion.” During the trip, “the hunters become the hunted.”

Now I’ve had the misfortune to live in and around New York City for a good chunk of my adult life and have had to do some pretty intensive travel to get to decent hunting spots. But Wilmington? (Motto: “A place to be somebody.”) For a day trip? That starts at 7:04 a.m.? What are these guys hunting for—Bud Light empties so they can score the nickel deposit?

A quick look at the trailer reveals a couple problems right off the bat. First, the actors are carrying rifles and the last time I checked the only long guns you can hunt with in Delaware are muzzleloaders and shotguns. (Though there is a provision to use primitive single-shot blackpowder rifles—antiques and reproductions—as long as they’re shooting patched bullets.) Two, they’re clearly hunting out of season, stalking through the woods during the height of the summer foliage. (The slug gun season in Delaware kicks off Nov. 9 this year for those who are interested.) At least they were wearing the required hunter orange.

Perhaps this morality tale is really an anti-poaching message. Or maybe our sport has once again been misunderstood, misinterpreted and butchered by the creative types on movie sets.

John Snow



I believe film makers call this butchering of fact "artistic license" and hunters have been getting a bad name in the "cinema" since Bambi and Elmer Fudd.

Any you expected it to change, why?


In your opening description, you forgot the obligatory ankle-twist-chase. You know...the girl running through the woods in her underwear and high heels trying to get away from the maniac, and she's making pretty good time until *snap* - she twists that ankle. (insert eyeroll here)
"Hollywood". What can they dream up next?


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We've had to deal with crap like this since Disney aired Bambi. And If I remember correctly, bambi's mother is shot in the springtime, with a fawn in tote, I believe that is POACHING in any state in the USA. I also heard that the famous like "Run Bambi, hunters are in the forest" Used to say poachers, but the film's crators wanted a stronger statement, hence the change.

Anyhow...Fils like Trigger man are pure entertainment and I'd hope that most human beings woould have enough common sense nto to take it too seriously. Unfortunaltey the nut jobs in Peta and simmilar organizations will hover around it like flies on uh..you knwo what.


Excuse the spelling errors in the above post, its late here :P

Black Rifle Addict

Sounds like a dumb movie; no interest in seeing it.
Thanks for heads up John.


The movie sounds very realistic and plausible. I know I prefer waking up late to go on a long drive on the day of my hunt. Sure my walls are bare, but that has more to do with the deer not cooperating than with any of my tactics.

don mitchell

way to go ben, will i see the stupid flick,yup, when the sun comes up at night.