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November 30, 2007

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Deer Camp II

In an earlier post, I mentioned that deer camp is a great place to hear stories. It’s also a great place for practical jokes. Here’s one of the best I ever saw.

I was hunting on a huge ranch in South Texas in pursuit of the area’s legendary drop-tine whitetails. My buddy was a longtime newspaper columnist known to every hunter in that part of the world. After dinner the first night, the ranch owner told us about a new call he had just purchased in Houston. This was when grunt tubes were all the rage.

“Wait a sec,” he said. “Ill show it to you.”

He brought out what looked to be a miniature French horn and handed it my buddy, who inspected it suspiciously.

“I know it looks weird,” the owner said. “But the guy at the store said it was some newfangled design that can produce a tone guaranteed to bring in a buck. Go ahead, try it.”

Intrigued, my friend brought the call to his lips and blew on the mouthpiece. Instantly, his face was covered in flour.

We all fell to the floor in laughter. No sympathy to be had with this crowd. As my friend wiped off his face, the owner said, “I’ve been waiting a year to get you!”

He had had a friend build the miniature horn and had him reroute the tubing so it would direct air—or flour—into the face.

All this to repay my friend for the joke he pulled the year before—a snake in a cooler.

What’s your story?

—Slaton White


big will

i put an armadillo in my buddies ground blind and tied it to his chair


I had a buddy that always left a climbing stand in the woods so I went in one afternoon and climbed up about 20 feet. Then tied a rope to the tree and climbed down.


Was bow hunting in full camo and had my buddy walk by me at 2 feet. His big mistake he didnt see me. I reached out and grabbed him and hollered. He fell to the ground in a fetal position. almost crapped hisself. I will never let him live it down! Funniest damn thing I ever saw!