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December 19, 2007

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The “bang switch”

This may be the season of serenity, selflessness and making spirits bright, but it’s also the season of domestic obligation. That explains why we were at the house of one of my wife’s friends, making stilted conversation and eating unimaginative food.

As it usually does when I’m around, the conversation turned to hunting and shooting, and the young boy of the house, still a few years away from hunting but already tuned in to bloodsport, volunteered that he knew the rules of gun safety.

As a hunter education instructor and gun-safety Nazi, I was interested in hearing what this 7-year-old had to say about the topic.

“Always point your muzzle in a safe direction,” he recited. “Be sure of your target, and beyond. Treat every gun as if it were loaded.”

Then he paused. He and I both knew there was one more cardinal rule, but he was momentarily stumped.

Then he blurted out the answer, leaving all of us briefly stunned before we busted up in laughter, social awkwardness melted before the insightful perspective of the youngest member of our group.

“Keep your booger finger off the bang switch until you’re ready to shoot!”

- Andrew McKean



There are a lot of adults I wish knew to “Keep your booger finger off the bang switch until you’re ready to shoot!”

Great story.



Freakin hilarious!! Out of the mouths of babes.


Oh how I wish everyone knew those. Movies and TV are the worst for undermining what we try to teach. At least his analogy will stick with him for life now.

Scott in Ohio


Great story. just spent a morning hunting ducks with a new huntng buddy. We both had a hunting accident near-miss story to share with one another. The only good nazi is a gun-safety nazi.

Scott Linden

Um. I didn't know we had to limit it ONE "booger finger."


My wife and I laughed for a time, but will always remember that story as we hope the young lad does. We only wish that more of the youth today would listen as closely as that young man did.
P.S.: Please don't call it a blood sport, the fun is in the hunt, the kill is often the end result, but not what we hunt for.

don m

DWG, could not have said it any better my self. great story.


I like booger "hook" better. Jack

Mr. B

I am going to use that in teaching my children. My son for some reason loves to pick his nose. At least he does not eat it.