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January 28, 2008

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Optics Test

Our test team faced one of the coldest Optics Tests ever this past week when we gathered in Choteau, MT. (that's me on the left, pictured with OL Senior Editor John Taranto). Temperatures the first morning were -31 F. That didn't slow our intrepid team of testers, however.

Some great optics to look for this year.

Toddjohnoptics082 In spotting scopes, the new compact from Minox (MD50W 16-30x50) is super small yet very capable. An ideal choice for backpack hunters.

Brunton also had a very impressive offering in their ED 20-45x62. This scope was incredibly bright in our low-light test.

On the binocular front, a very low priced model from Alpen (Alpen Pro 10x42) is a great glass to give a young hunter and it's priced low enough that you're not going to be broken hearted if you lose it. In the mid-price range, there are a number of good models to choose from including Pentax's compact DCF LV 9x28 and the Minox BD

And in the high-end glass, it was  a shoot out between Nikon's new EDG (pronounced "Edge") in 10x42 and Leica's lightweight Ultravid HD 10x42 --both with incredible offerings that made you feel like you could see forever.

The rifle scope field was also very full. I liked the new Nikon Monarch with ED glass in 8-32x50 as well as offerings from Sightron (Big Sky 1.25-5x20--a good scope for a high-power rifle, Zeiss Conquest in 3-9x40 with their Rapid-Z reticle and Bushnell's Elite 6500 in 2.5-16x42, which features one of the widest power ranges in the industry.

We'll have video clips up on our Web site shortly. And you can see who our editor's choice and great by winners are in our June/July issue.



Jim in Mo.

I believe I would have told Mr. Taranto we need to give 'em a real test, how 'bout the King ranch or Lake Okeechobe next time?

Anthony B. Hodges

I'm sure all of these scope's listed above are extremely good. But, what adverage working man (or woman) can afford such glass as this ? I owne a pair of Stiener 8x30 Bionoculars and a Browning A-Bold (1997 Model) 30-06, with a Leupold 3-9x40 (ao) sitting on top of it. There is no animal in in the lower 48 that I can not take with that outfit--period !

Anthony B. Hodges

Sorry about the spelling above. Just the mention of these high dollar scopes shot my blood pressure up. To those who can afford them (my appologies). Also, to the copmanys that make and distribute them, again; my "sincere appologies". Just because I can't afford them, dosen't mean everybody can't.

Anthony B. Hodges

Duuuuuh--Companys :-)


i'm looking for a handgun scope but i cant find any test or much input on them. anything will be helpfull.

steve thompson

MR, HODGES After seeing brown bear taken with bow and muzzleloaders the 30.06 is capable also' proper planning . practice preparedness, positive attitute and patience for proper shot PLACEMNT.6PHUNTER