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February 14, 2008

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Aimpoint’s Lifesaving Corner Engagement Unit

Welcome to the shooting equivalent of the no-look pass. This interesting little device is the new Corner Engagement Unit (CEU), which was developed by Aimpoint for military and law enforcement use. When placed behind a holographic sight, the angled eyepiece of the CEU allows the shooter to look downrange and put their rifle’s sights on target without exposing the whole of their upper body. Gunshots

Because of the system’s unlimited eye relief you can back your head away from the sight as far a you like and still control the rifle’s point of impact.

How well does it work? After a 30-second rundown of how to use the sight I was able to pop metal targets 75 yards downrange with every shot. So if a piker like me can use it successfully you know that cops, military and other trained professionals are going to eat it up.

Another cool element of the system is the mount. With the flick of a lever it tips to the side to get the angled eyepiece out of the way. It also allows a shooter to quickly remove the CEU from the mount all together and, for example, pass it to another person to mount on their rifle. The CEU can also be used as a handheld unit to perform an even more stealthy peek around a corner.

What I like most about this product is that it will clearly save lives and reduce the number of injuries to the men and women serving us overseas. I hope they can get it into the field in quantity soon.

— John Snow