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February 22, 2008

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Good Stats to Know

Next time you need some ammunition for arguing the pros of hunting and gun ownership, try using some these stats, which recently came across my desk in a new report from the Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation. The report spotlights the immense impact that sportsmen have on the national economy – 34 million sportsmen spending 76 billion dollars annually on their pastimes of hunting and fishing.

•    Spending by hunters and anglers is more than the revenues of Microsoft, Google, eBay and Yahoo—combined! ($76 billion vs. $73.6 billion).

•    More people hut and fish than watch the nightly newscasts of the three major networks—ABC, CBS, NBC. (34 million vs. 27 million)

•    Hunters spend more on their activity than the total revenues of McDonald’s ($23 billion vs. $20 billion).

•    All this spending adds up to support close to 600,000 jobs—more than the number of people employed by McDonald’s corporation.

•    Hunters spend $2.4 billion on guns and rifles annually.

•    Every year hunters and shooters pay millions in Federal excise taxes: $5.3 billion since 1939. In 2007 hunters and shooters paid $233 million in excise taxes. In fact they annually provide more than 80% of the funding for most state fish and wildlife agencies.

•    Through Federal Duck Stamp purchases, hunters have generated more than $700 million, all of which goes in to the National Wildlife Refuge System. This money has been used to purchase more than 5 million acres of land for outdoor recreation and wildlife watching opportunities around the country.

•    80% of sportsmen consider themselves “likely voters”. 8 in 10 sportsmen state that a candidate’s position on sportsmen’s issues is important in determining whom they will vote for.

•    73% of Americans approve of hunting.

•    Only 3% of Americans live the animal rights philosophy.

-Todd Smith



This is sort of interesting since I am in the process of writing a paper on gun control.

Anthony B. Hodges

An American Marine was being interviewed by Chelsey Clinton. When asked what he feared he replyed-(Osama, Obama and, your Mama).
This article seem's to say that us hunters are the majority however, I still fear the last two that the Marine does when it comes to keeping my guns !!!
I pray to God that I'm wrong !


What I'd like to know is how this compares with all the spending of the loud and lobbied "animal rights groups" like PETA, ASPCA, etc. for actual animal care and land preservation. And then have this information released by Congress to (at least) its own members when they start considering bills to restrict or limit the hunters' rights and freedoms.

Then the rest of us could use the real statistics to embarass these 'fakers' in local meetings and in local papers.


Harding quote:Then the rest of us could use the real statistics to embarass these 'fakers' in local meetings and in local papers.

Good luck getting an pro-gun letter to the editor printed in many papers.

Most of the papers only publish the kooky ones so it makes gun owners look like they are ALL ignorant rednecks.

When presented with facts, the papers would rather not publish the letter.

I've tried.


Scott in Ohio

I was suprised to learn from the statistics quoted that:
• 73% of Americans approve of hunting and
• Only 3% of Americans live the animal rights philosophy.

I take it that if 73% approve of hunting then 27% do not approve of hunting, but they still eat meat and therefore do not "live" the animal rights philosophy?!