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February 08, 2008

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Ruger’s New LCP

On the opening morning of the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Ruger announced the introduction of a new pistol--the Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol), a .380 autoloader. Following quickly on the heels of the successful introduction of the Ruger SR9 9mm pistol, the LCP is the latest addition to the Ruger Hard-R line of products.

“The development and introduction of the Ruger LCP is in direct response to customer demand,” said Ruger president Stephen L. Sanetti. “We have not been part of this market, but the growing number of states authorizing the licensed carry of pistols for personal protection by law-abiding citizens, and continued demand by law enforcement for quality back-up guns, cannot be ignored.”  Lcp03

The 9.4-ounce LCP has a capacity of 6 + 1 rounds. With a height of only 3.6 inches and a width of .82 inches, the LCP is definitely worth considering as a reliable back-up or concealed carry pistol. Given it’s small size, Ruger also believes it will appeal to women looking for a lightweight easily concealable personal defense option.

Each LCP comes with a soft case, instruction manual, external locking device and one magazine. For more information, visit the specially designed microsite at ruger.com/LCP.

—Slaton White


Jim in Mo.

I get so aggravated with magazines or other articles that are more than willing to give a write-up about a gun but leave out the price.


Jim in Mo. Had they given a price it would only be the suggested retail. You can always find the product at a lot lesser price.

B. Cameron


Per Ruger's web site, the MSRP is US$330.


A useful bra gun.


Is it a double-action-only?


Kel-Tec, please call the patent office...