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February 19, 2008

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Sharing Databases

An interesting bit of news on the East Coast the other day. New York’s’ Mayor Bloomberg and Baltimore Mayor, Sheila Dixon, have announced that they plan to launch a database that will allow them to share information on known gun offenders. The new database is allegedly being established to make it more difficult for illegal gun dealers to do business up and down the East Coast along the I-95 corridor.

With gun laws in New York state already among the most strict in the United States, one has to wonder what the state is missing that it feels the necessity to establish yet another database.

-Todd Smith



This is not really a NEW database, just creating a network out of the existing databases in the two states. This is the start of a parallel system to the NICS, but for the purpose of identifying ALL gun owners, so that they have, as you heard in "CASABLANCA", the "usual suspects" to round up, target, harass and gnerally make life miserable. If a gun crime is committed, all 'suspects' will be run through this new system to try and pull in everyone they can.

Later, two things will start to take place. Bloomberg will work with the other mayors and maybe governors to get special reciprocity rights for dual prosecution, and if he's real ingenious, tap into the NICS and law enforcement databases so he can get even more data - data he is prohibited from having now.

Once those restricted databases are compromised, he can download the data he has so vigourously pursued now since BEFORE he was NYC's mayor.

And then he's made a successful end-run around the 2nd Amendment and privacy laws.