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February 21, 2008

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Think Pink!

Believe it or not, pink was the hot color at the recently concluded 2008 SHOT Show. Remington is now offering the semi-auto Model 597 .22 in pink camo. No, I am not kidding. At the range the day before the SHOT Show opened, some veteran gun writers—obviously reared on Blaze Orange and camo--approached the rifle with no small amount of trepidation. One old timer said, “Pink. Ya gotta be kidding.”

But then they picked it up and shot it. Funny thing, the 597 is such a fun gun to shoot, we literally had to pry it out of the hands of the shooters in front of us. The Model 597 comes in what is billed as “Mossy Oak Pink” and is a steal at $252. (remington.com) 597_pink_camo

Charter Arms also would like you to think pink this year. No, its new Pink Lady is not a frothy concoction, but a compact revolver for self-defense. Based on the popular Undercover Series, the Pink Lady is a feathery light 12 ounces, thanks to a tough 7075 aircraft aluminum frame anodized to a bight pink.
The Pink Lady is chambered for .38 Special +P, and boasts an exposed hammer, 2-inch stainless steel barrel and 5-round stainless-steel cylinder. Set off by black rubber grips, the overall package is an eye-popping revolver for women who need reliable self-defense in a great-looking firearm. $399. (charterfirearms.com)

Check out the Pink Lady and other great SHOT products here.

—Slaton White


Sherrill Philip Neese

People can make fun of them, but the ladies like pink rifles. I showed a picture of one to my daughter and my wife and BOTH of them said they wanted one. They never showed interest in getting a rifle before in the past. I asked why now. "Because it looked nice and those other rifles looked boring" :)