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March 10, 2008

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Easing the Pain

At a recent competitive event at my gun club I watched a guy shoot all three rifle events with a .375 H&H, the recoil from which, by the way, rocked him back on his heels. Given that most of the other contestants were using more manageable calibers like .243, .270 and .30/06, I asked him why he persisted in having his shoulder beaten to a pulp.

“I never get to shoot it, so why not?”

But somehow I got the feeling he wouldn’t do it again.

Recoil is an inevitable part of shooting, and you sure don’t have to shoulder a big bore to feel its effects. Those tired of being hammered—whether it’s a hard-shooting magnum or a turkey gun loaded with 3-inch shells—have a variety of accessories out there to ease their pain, including lower-recoil ammo, muzzle brakes and recoil pads. Accsupercellrecoilpad

In the latter category, many shooters who use Remington products have opted for the R3 recoil pad. But at a recent new product seminar, Remington announced its replacement—the SuperCell Recoil Pad.  It actually weighs less than the current pad and will fit many current Remington models. It’s also been designed to be far less “sticky” than the R3, meaning it won’t hang up on your shirt or shooting vest.

I shot turkey guns loaded with 3-inch shells. I also hunted deer with a slug gun fitted with the new pad.  The SuperCell definitely helps lessen felt recoil. Essentially, the SuperCell lengthens the recoil “event”  (as the engineers term it), thus softening the blow.  I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who shoots slugs or those Roman Candles we call 3-inch turkey loads.

—Slaton White


B. Cameron

Man up! Shoot 3.5" turkey loads! :-)

Nothing like the punch of 2oz of lead to wake you up at 6am.

I use an R3 pad on my 870 12ga and my 710 .270. Made a heck of a difference... but those 3.5" magnum loads still kick like a mule. Maybe when I have some extra cash kicking around again...

Jim in Mo.

Wonder if they would sell it aftermarket without the logo for other guns?

William Giordano

Lengthening the "event". I guess that's why when you shoot a muzzle loader with a brass butt plate and a full load, it pushes rather than punishes.


My son recently bought a .375 Rugar, stainless, with the black stock and recoil pad, he's an advid Elk hunter, but will also use it for Deer. I think he called it the Alaskan model. I shot several rounds through it at the target range and much to my suprise it shot like a dream, with no more recoil than my 30/06 with a good Elk load. I also shot a Safari model that was a couple of inches longer and should of weighted a little more with it's wooden and very beautiful stock. I used the same ammo and think the Safari model shot much harder. I guess there must be something to these composite stocks and recoil pads. Two Rugars, both of the same caliber (.375 Rugar, same grain bullets for both rifles), both very nice guns, but so much difference in recoil!

Scott in Ohio

Echoing Jim in Mo's comments, is this another company's product that is fitted for other manufacturer's rifles???????

please let us know


I have a custom built .375 H & H Mag...and recoil is more a push then a kick...my .300 win mag hurts more, but both are great weapons!