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April 24, 2008

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More Blue Book Of Gun Values

Well, that didn’t take long.

As I predicted, I was quickly able to start wasting time with my new copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values. My favorite bit in this latest edition appears on the last page (page 2,176 for those who are interested) and is entitled the “Top Ten Emailed Gun Questions.”

This list serves to remind us that the politically correct statement that there is no such thing as a stupid question is, well, stupid.

—John Snow

Top Ten Emailed Gun Questions

In the good ol’ days, some shooters and gun collectors would mail us out of focus, blurry pictures with illegible handwritten letters going into detail about the questions they had. The great thing about email is that it allows some people to write even more badly than they speak. As you can see from the following, effective communication may not be going in the right direction.
10. RE: .22/45 over under pistol or darringer—I just bought this one, don’t know if it is a pistol or a darringer, or the age of it, if you have any info on gun I would appreciate it, how old and is it safe, it was made in ducktown, tn. is all the information I have on gun how much is it worth, looks like it has never been fired could be old or new

9. RE: Army—I was looking at Blue Book online. I cannot find Army

8. RE: Guns—1889 winchesrt leaver axion 3006what it werth

7. RE: Manufacturer—I got a 38 special revolver with c.a.l. Georgia unit writin on it and it says it’s a astra 960. I’m trying to find the maker of this gun. can you help.

6. RE: shells—I got this old worn out 20 guage H&R single shot that still shoots good. My buddi dropped off some 28 guage shells the other day. We put them in the 20 guage, and they fit pretty close. How will they shoot?

5. RE: How old—I have a 22 calibar short made in Germany and the serial number is 339919. I’m trying to find out when this gun was made.

4. RE: gunsock—I would like to buy a gunsock for my husband for Christmas and need a price.

3. RE: rifle—I have a .22 rifle. Can you tell me what it worth

2. RE: Saddam’s gun—What is the estimated value of the gun Saddam had on him when he was caught?

1. RE: Winchester—I bought a Winchester Remington 870 I was wondering how much they run for.


Steven  Wildman Bush

Do these people actually own guns? My question is do they need too?

John Snow

A scary thought, no?