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May 08, 2008

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.221 Fireball Field Report: Beware of Flying Squirrels!

Just got this report in from my friend Pat. He was out shooting some ground squirrels yesterday with a .221 Fireball and had this to say:

I hit a couple that popped up at close range with the Fireball, and the top half of them went probably 12 feet in the air. Higher than a basketball hoop.  It was incredible.  If the wind had been wrong on those, the torsos would have landed on me.

Wow. His rig:

Remington 700 Classic, .221 Fireball topped with a Leupold 4.5-14x40mm AO Vari X-III, fine duplex. 

His ammo:

40-grain Sierra Blitzking, 20.0 grains of AA-1680 gunpowder and a Federal 205 Match primer.  MV=3,450 fps. 

The results?

Very messy.  Lots of shots were 50-75 yards, with a lot more from about 100 to 150 and a few at 200 yards plus.  The baby squirrels were out, which are about the size of one of those little cans of V-8.  Hard to hit at long range, that’s for certain!

Good shooting, Pat. Next time bring a raincoat.

—John Snow