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May 28, 2008

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Canada and Guns (aka: Write Your Own Snide Commentary!)

Granted, we have our share of gun-haters down here in the U.S. but I can’t recall the last time an American politician made a comment as silly as what popped out of the mouth of Toronto Mayor David Miller the other day. According to the Toronto Star he accused Canada’s Olympic athletes of murder.

Speaking about shooting sports he said:

"Nobody can deny that hobby directly results in people being shot and killed on the streets of our city."

Miller is pushing for a round of new gun laws that would close down shooting ranges and make it more difficult for gun makers to do business in Canada.

The article went on to quote Toronto resident and Canadian Olympic pistol shooter Avianna Chao:

"Anyone should be able to see through this, that this is the politicians just trying to say they did something, even though it will have no impact on actual gun violence. ... Why don't they go after the gangs? Why don't they go after the illegal trafficking of firearms?"

My own smart-ass answer to Chao’s rhetorical question would be that the gang members didn’t get the memo telling them to obey the existing gun laws, so why expect them to follow the new ones?

I invite you to provide your own take on why Mayor Miller would accuse elite athletes like Chao of murder.

—John Snow


Eddy A.

...man i love Florida. most of us love guns. the rest shut up.


Did all the draft dodgers that went to Canada, propagate their messed up minds, or what?


I'm a Canadian, a sportsman, I live in the States...'nough said.

al k

Any government that dissarms its citizens are traitors and want totalatarian government, the gun free zones are the most dangerous places to live regardless of country or origin, look at the crime in australia after gun control, they just want to control the people, eisenhower talked about putting the people away, george bush said it would be a lot easier if it was a dictaorship, think about it

Jim Kiser

In Va. we have State senator Saslaw who in Richmond while attending legislative sessions remarked about the gun owners who were there to discuss pending bills that the situation reminded him of all the hillbillies from "Deliverance". When called on it by other politicians and the papers, he remarked that he could have just as easily been talking about the "Brady Bunch and the Million Moms". Course he wasn't but it shows how weasely the politicians are and how stupid the average voter is.

William D. Martin

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that Toranto's mayor, David Miller, has spent too many Canadian nights outside without a hat on. His brain has been damaged by the freezing effects of the cold. Saying that the shooting sports result in street crime is like saying that playing Cricket causes bludgeoning deaths or boxing causes gang pummeling. Mr. Miller needs to wake up and tackle the criminal not the inantimate instrument. Perhaps that is too obvious for the good mayor.


We have our own version of this guy - Obama. He signed in a survey he would ban all handguns. Is the Mayor's comment that much different than bitter/cling-gate? There are sheltered souls out there who live in their own cocktail world, and it doesn't include common people like us having say in their daily lives.

Blue Ox

If a gun causes violence, then a pencil causes mispellings.


What a sad, sorry, pathetic shame, a comment such as that made by Mayor Miller, and what a reflection on those Toronto voters who voted him into office, and entrusted their fine, beautiful city to him. The comment is no less than absolutely STUPID, as even his strongest supporters must admit, and as we know now, "Stupid is as stupid does." I feel so sorry also for my hunting guide/friends in Manitoba, whose lives and businesses are being so totally destroyed by the eastern Canada politicians, as they have neither the time, access, or funds to offset this totally inaccurate, ineffective thinking. I vowed never to hunt Canada again after the 'gun ban' went into effect, and haven't for 6 years now. I'm deeply saddened by this moron Mayor Miller..........