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May 26, 2008

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John McCain on the Second Amendment

Asked point-blank about his views on the Second Amendment, Sen. John McCain didn’t mince words:

I have been a consistent supporter of the Second Amendment. It means to me what it says. Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms.

Nothing about the rights of hunters. Nothing about “sporting” or “recreational” use of firearms. It is about the rights of citizens. This is as it should be. He also made this pledge:

I will continue to fight back efforts to weaken the Second Amendment.

I know there are a lot of skeptics out there concerning McCain’s record on gun rights. I’m willing to accept him at his word on this issue. And will be the first to hold him accountable if down the road he betrays that trust.

—John Snow



I’m don’t belong to any political party, to me it’s a quick way to waste your vote on a candidate that may agree with you on one thing, but have different views on other items of importance to you. It always seems I end up voting for the candidate I feel will do the least harm to my beliefs in life. This time I will have to vote for Mr. McCain or rather against Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

steve thompson

I believe if m'c ain wins MR.SNOW will have to account for his own self if mc cain changes his views. No one including MR,SNOW can endorse a candidate that i will follow blindly/ after all mc caim is a ploitician .

Anthony B. Hodges

Yeap, now this man has my vote !!!
Anthony Hodges
Ruffin, NC