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May 22, 2008

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John McCain on the Assault Weapons Ban

John McCain was once quoted as saying he would support an assault weapons ban (which he voted against) depending on certain "details."

In this new interview he says doesn't see a scenario under which he would ever support such a ban.

Based on his comments here, at the NRA show and on his voting record it looks like not only is he the most pro-gun candidate in the running for the White House but that he is solidly pro-gun by any yardstick you care to use.

—John Snow


Kevin Baker

Except that he wants to make all private transfers (with the exception of between family members) illegal, and said so.

I'm sure that will get the support of FFL holders, but it is IMHO just another step towards back-door registration in conjunction with the implementation of electronic form 4473's, regardless of what the BATFE says.

It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you.


You actually take a politician at his word? As a gun owner, I have to ask the question "What f***in* planet have you been living on since 1934?" Americans are SCREWED. We got our choice between Commies and a Socialist (and if you think McCain-Feingold is Constitutional, then you're a Socialist, too!). Thank you DemoCRAP and RepubliCRAP parties!


McCain has never said he wants to make private transfers illegal. He has said they should fall under the same scrutiny as a dealer purchase, but he has never said he would outlaw them. There is a big difference.

Kevin Baker

Mark, as I understood his remarks, he wants to do away with private transfers. All firearm sales to be through FFLs in order to include a background check. That effectively makes private transfers illegal.


Yeah, right... I do believe you've been Zumboed.

Matt Maynard

Mark: "He has said they should fall under the same scrutiny as a dealer purchase, but he has never said he would outlaw them."

Ask the guy whose transfer is denied with no reason given if private sale is outlawed. Tyranny is tyranny, whether you are granted permission or not. The tyranny lies in the requirement, not its effects.


This is what McCain said in his speech at the NRA meeting: "I also oppose efforts to require federal regulation of all private sales such as the transfer between a father and son or husband and wife."

Swen Swenson

Gun Owners of America has given McCain an F- on gun rights, right down there with Clinton and Obama. You might want to review their list of anti-gun legislation McCain voted for before you give him a thumbs up, 'kay?

Hmm.. I see you don't allow links, so google "gun owners of America" and follow their links to coverage of McCain. It's not pretty.


When the guns are gone from civilian hands, who's gonna buy your magazine?


At least McCain will veto the new Assault Weapons Ban.

Since both Houses of Congress will likely gain veto-proof majorities in '08, one of the first things in the 111th Congress will do is whip out and pass the new Assault Weapons Ban. But because of people like (hopefully) Senator Tester, Reps Shuler, Webb, etc, it will pass with only simple majorities. Barack would sign it with great Happy-Change flourish. But if McCain is Prez, HR 1022 will likely languish for another 4 years in a Judiciary Sub-Committee file cabinet.