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May 18, 2008

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McCain On Hunting, Fishing and the Second Amendment

Outdoor Life Editor In Chief Todd Smith sat down with Senator John McCain today to discuss McCain’s positions on a variety of topics of importance to sportsmen, including the candidate’s positions on the Second Amendment. Here’s an excerpt:

I was also one of fifty-five senators that filed an Amicus Brief with the United States Supreme Court concerning the gun ban in Washington, D.C. I have been a consistent supporter of the Second Amendment. It means to me what it says: Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms. And so I am a consistent supporter.

Read the whole thing.

—John Snow


John Phillips

I wonder where Senator McCain stands on whether employers have the right to ban guns from the workplace. Check out this post on the subject of guns in the workplace:


Jim Kiser

I was bothered by McCains insisting that Govt must know who I sell a gun to. The background check that he would require will not work in the real world as I don't see govt giving access to everyone to check on everyone. Just another way to jam the private gun owner.


I'm sure that we're much better off with him, than either of the other two.

steve thompson

I believe that our president BUSH truly believes he is doing the right thing , Only history will tell,As much as i'd like to see a president that is PRO BILL OF RIGHTS I can't see us being better off. VOTE not only as an outdoors man but as to who has the best chance to actually make things better for all of us ,6phunter


I am an avid hunter have a cwp and watch the sport channel on the tube fishing/hunting, but my concern is how people who hunt jump up and down scream/holler, do high 5's when they shoot an animal, this in very poor taste, when you kill a viper it would be ok, but a game animals/birds, its no wonder the antihunters think we are all a bunch of kook's, hunting to me isn't somthing to scream/holler about, show abit of respect to the Lord and His creation, this will infact have a greater influnence on antihunters than anything else we could do to preserve our hunting/gunrights. I'm for guns, although I have had members of my family murdered with guns, I too would of been a statistic had I been dissarmed.
thanks for your time.