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May 01, 2008

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Teacher Suspended for Bringing Gun to School

A teacher in Myrtle Beach, S.C., was suspended after bringing a loaded firearm, presumably a handgun, to the high school. The unidentified teacher wasn't trying to get the attention of unruly students, nor was she making a statement about weapons-free zones. Rather it was in the spirit of following the weapons-free edict that landed her in hot water.

According to MyrtleBeachOnline.com, the teacher drove her husband's pickup truck to school on Tuesday morning. Her husband reminded her to remove his firearm from the truck before leaving, which she did. The probem was that in the hustle and bustle of morning she put his gun on the hood of the truck and drove to work. A visitor to the school saw the holstered gun sitting on the passenger's side of the hood and reported it to school authorities.

The teacher was placed on administrative leave with pay while the incident is investigated.

—Brian Lynn



How can you drive a vehicle with a handgun sitting on the hood and not see it?


She should be suspended.
Guns require responsibility and she wasnt up to it.
That gun was unattended, out in the open at a school. It could have been found by an irresponsible student leading to a sadder article in the newspaper.


Shame on her and Shame on her husband for not taking care of HIS Weapon. She drovethe vehicle so she is the responsible party. She should be suppended.

The husband SHOULD of taken care of his own weapon and I SURE that they are having that conversation this morning!

Be Alert! I hear there's going to be a gun sale in Myrtle Beach!

Richard G.
Semper Fi