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May 14, 2008

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Why The Second Amendment Matters (Or, Yes, It Can Happen To You)

This incident happened a few days ago and has been talked about on several blogs and newsgroups since. I was a bit reluctant to post anything about the shooting where Leon Rozio defended himself against four armed attackers, and killed one on the process, because Leon happens to be the brother of one of my best friends.

Leon is a traveling jewelry salesman down in Florida and has been targeted before but this time the attackers were armed and when they tried to kill him (by running him over with a vehicle) he fought back.

Non-gun owners often ask me why I “feel the need” to carry for personal protection. They argue that the chances are remote that I would ever have to use a gun in self-defense. I answer back that I hope the chances are zero that I’ll ever need to defend myself that way; that I carry a gun for the same reason I wear a seatbelt; and that not only am I safer when I carry a gun, but so is everyone else around me, including them and their loved ones.

But as the incident with Leon shows, it can happen. And, sadly, does.

I’m very thankful that Leon survived this attack. His brother told me he is still very shaken up by the whole thing but that he’s doing okay.

As an interesting side note the Rozios know what it is like to live in a country where the right to defend your self isn’t guaranteed. They fled from Cuba during the takeover of the country by Castro, settling in Florida and Southern California. The father and uncles were successful businessmen who had their livelihoods taken from them at gunpoint by Castro and his thugs.

—John Snow


steve thompson

thats why i believe that not only do you have a right to vote its all so youre duty to do so , second amendment gives us the right to bear arms / all law abiding citizens should consider it a duty , 6phunter


amen brother..happy to hear your bro survived the ordeal...and of course was equiped to defend himself..Funny how it is that just a few anti's can make so much noise and make changes against what we believe...and that WE have become too complacent and lazy to "STAND UP!!!"for what WE believe and make so much more noise for what WE believe in!The 2nd amendment was .....hmmmmm...THE 2nd AMENDMENT IS A GARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST THEM!!!THE VERY PPL WHO WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS AND YOUR GUNS SO THAT YOU CANNOT EXCERSIZE YOUR GARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ANYMORE!!!.....Need I say more??....C'mon ....bring it on .....This country is turning into a "police state" before your very eyes,and WANTS to take away your rights(and your guns to defend yourself)!! if you dont stand up for what you believe in ...YOU"RE JUST LETTING IT HAPPEN...

Tom Dees

Whether you are a democrat or not you need to ask yourself why the democrats want to take our guns, all guns. Is it because gas will be $5.00 a gallon or steak will be $15.00 a pound. They have said we were all a bunch prima donna asses
that need to suffer like the rest of the world. If they take our guns we will all suffer, as the people in Cuba and all oppressive countries do. Think it can't happen here? Just ask the 76 year old woman in New Orleans who was savagely attacked by the so called guardians of law and order, sheriff's deputies. Our back are up against the wall. What happens now is up to us. The law abiding gun owning AMERICANS.


If we are not careful our gun rights among others would not be up to Americans, but some other ruler in some other war torn, 3rd would country, because our leaders do not have the courage to stand up and tell them to go poke a hole in them selves. but we idly stand by and let other countries tell us what we are going to do and what laws we will follow. I remember reading something about Australia and how their gun control worked out for them?? I also remember something about Germany imposing gun control at one time as well?? If we do not take a stand, we may be at the mercy or lack of, by the very type of people who we try to defend our selves from.

Bill M

My personal opinion is that no one has every tried to invade this country because everyone knows we are all armed.except for the cowards that attack us for no reason other than to kill Americans.

Jim in Mo.

When a person defends himself the fact that the media makes an issue of it is reason alone to fight for our 2nd amendment rights.

don mitchell

amen guys,amen Don

Lyle Belcher

It is my opinion that every home in the U.S.A. should have by law at least one 12gauge with ammo.I also find it offencive that we allow a muslim be allowed to run for president of this GREAT NATION GOD HELP US ALL IF HE OR HILLERY EITHER ONE GET IN!!!!!!! Niether myself nor my wife leave the house un armed.I suggest everyone do the same!