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June 26, 2008

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Next Up: Chicago

How long will Chicago's ban stand? The lawsuit has already been filed.

—John Snow



Chicago's politicos have more pull and power than the clowns in D. C., so I expect it will take 2-3 years, but the fights in the surrounding towns will be much shorter.

San Francisco will be a circus.

David V. Dahlin

Mayor Daley is no push-over. He has tremendous power in the Democratic party which, in case nobody has looked recently, is in charge of both Senate and the House.
An assault on Chicago may bring a rock tossed in the oil spill on water, effect.
The best defense is a terrific offense and Daley can be very offensive. Most residents are adjusted to the Firearms Owners I.D. Card system but most Chicagoans still chafe on the rule of "no guns". The chink in Daley's armor is that "Special" people DO GET permits and THAT is very much unconstitutional!
Good hunting, NRA.