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July 13, 2008

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A Cop’s Views On Concealed Carry

Cowtown Cop, who as far as I can tell just started blogging, offers his perspective, as a law-enforcement officer, on concealed carry permits. His verdict? He says during the course of a traffic stop when someone handed over his or her CCW permit his feeling was one of relief.

Imagine the relief when the driver hands you a drivers license and a CCW permit. Those two things tell you a lot about a person. One, I can know for certain who this person is and two, this person has subjected themselves to a criminal background check and the State has said yes, we trust you with a concealed weapon. This is probably not a bad guy here.

He also reinforces the common-sense notion, which rarely seems to occur to anti-gun folks, that the only person who can protect you, is you—and not the police. 

Don't let anyone tell you that the police are responsible for your safety because that simply is not true. When I started in law enforcement we averaged about 1 officer for every 1200 citizens. Now that number is more like 1 officer for every 1500. Can you ensure the safety of 1500 people? Neither can I. Also remember that of those 1500 people that need protection a significant number of them are criminals who will not cooperate with you and will actively try to harm the others.

Worth remembering.

—John Snow



Great, but why not hand them your drivers license and a copy of the 2nd. admendment.....


As a 31 year retired Police Officer. Working first as a Deputy Sheriff, then a City Patrol Officer, and finally as a desk Sergeant, I know what Officer Snow is talking about and concur completely.
For "sarg" I know what he is saying, but even the bad guys can carry a copy of the Second Amendment, and a few try to use that right to hide behind.

jersey pig

i have 10 years as a police officer in a urban/suburban setting. however being's as its been in new jersey i have only seen 2 concealed carry permits in my career. 1 a gun shop owner, and the other a well connected attorney. (in nj the permits are issued by a superior court judge and the policy simply is: dont issue them) that being said, the only occassion i am aware of someone claiming the second amendment as a right to concealed carry also handed the officer a copy of the bible and of the constitution and stated they were his driver's license (person was a member of a well known religous sect with extreme views, this bveing said by me who is about as conservative as you can be in nj).should people be able to carry concealed firearms? absolutely! should it be regulated? absolutely! (but not as bad as we do it here)


jersey pig, No I didn't mean to use the 2nd, adm. as a concealed carry permit, but I know how New Jersey feels about open carry... Yes concealed carry should be regulated but open carry here at home is legal.(Must watch city ordnances such as Louisville).


deepwoods, The above post should have been addressed to you also, I wouldn't want to walk up to a car at night with the dark windows, or stop someone loaded and carring a weapon also.. you should be glad that you made it to retirement. a gentleman I know in Ind. whom I went to school with , his son is a brain surgen and this week I saw in the news where he had to try to save a young officer, shot in the head. It really didn't look good, Again, we are proud of all you people do for the public.


deepwoods, you should be proud to have served the public for so long. I know how you felt those years, I retired from the Army a couple of years ago and our home town national guard whom I was a member are in Afghanistan as we speak.

jersey pig

thanks sarg for the return input. and thanks for the years of service you put in to our country.

bill thompson

daer sirs i thnk its a good deal. its to bad peaple are that nuts it only takes the wrong one thanks sire


I've only been pulled over twice, for routine checks (registration, DWI) by local police. Each time I give my driver's and CCW licenses and registration (only one time was I carrying - in the late hours) and both times the officer was somewhat surprised but always appreciate the honesty.

The time I was carrying, I told the officer I was armed and where it was, then asked what HE wanted me to do next. He replied, "Nothing, just let me check the registration". He did ,returned with the documents and sent me on my way. The other one did comment that he was reassured he knew the kind of citizen he was dealing with, and "Have a nice evening".

I learned these "moves" from my sister, a Virginia police officer and now with Interpol.

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