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July 15, 2008

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Massachusetts Gun Owners Under Fire

It's like a game of anti-gun one-upmanship. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, perhaps inspired by Washington D.C.'s gun-hating mayor, has announced that if he can't take away his citizens' firearms that he sure as hell is going to make them pay dearly to own them. This is from a bulletin put out by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF):

On Sunday, July 13, the governor filed a special budget appropriations bill for fiscal year 2008. The bill calls for increasing the licensing fee for Massachusetts firearms dealers – a move that could ultimately force many of the state’s retailers out of business. The proposed fee change would increase a three-year license from $100 to $450.

The governor is also proposing to increase license-to-carry fees on law-abiding citizens, both resident and non-resident. The license fee for residents will go from $100 for 6 years to $200, while the non-resident license will balloon to $250 a year from $100.

“Governor Patrick feels he can now try to supplement the budget deficit on the backs of small mom-and-pop businesses and law-abiding gun owners,” said NSSF Director of Government Relations Jake McGuigan. “Clearly, the goal of this administration is to further restrict the rights of its citizens and businesses through a hefty Second Amendment tax.”

Sadly, you can't say this comes as a surprise.

The NSSF is urging all "Massachusetts sportsmen, hunters, firearms enthusiasts and retailers" to contact their local representatives and senators. In addition, nonresidents can call 617-725-4005 to voice their concerns.

—John Snow



This is an outrage that man is an utter disgace to the name of this country he is an outright fool and shoul be REMOVED from office because of his coniveing and selfish crusade on our way of life. he is an iggnorant individual that does not deserve to live in this country, if he doesnt like guns maybe he should move to england, then he wouldnt have to worry about ruining innocent peoples lively hood


Quote: perhaps inspired by Washington D.C.'s gun-hating mayor

Or, perhaps inspired by Mitt Romney who quadrupled the fees for gun owners while he was in the office.

Jim Kiser

The first thing that should be done is he should be billed for his tax payer supplied bodyguards. Say at 5K a day.


I agree 100% with Mr Kiser's comment on the "guvna" paying for his own protection! This is the same mindset of liberal politicians. Diane Feinstein carries!, but she damned sure doesn't want you to!!!!

Eric Johnson

Yeah, the criminals will pay that $450, you betcha.

John Sakach

Since when does the government charge its citizens for their constitutional rights. Shouldn't the mayor be charged $450 for free speach? Reporters $450 for freedom of press? Demonstrators who march in Washington $450 each? The million man march would be a real money maker!

Steven hansen

This gov. has shown his true identity many times- Cadilacs, no shows, etc.(too many to list). He hasn't done a thing since being in office- Di Masi runs this state(just like his predecessors- Fineeran.....). He has to ask permission to say or do anything!!! He can't do anything logical, so he hurts small business because we don't have the lobbyists to wine and dine DiMasi. We lose,and soon we won't be able to stay...


We should start and circulate a recall petition (or whatever is needed to remove, charge or indict a governor - I'm not a lawyer) for the Governor and once the required signatures are obtained, forward a copy to every sitting member of the legislature, the Attorney General, and the press and TV stations.

Even circulating this petition and publizing it would start people to talking, especially if we use the comments of John Sakash (above). His points are very well thought out and pointed.