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July 15, 2008

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Thanks For Nothing Mayor Fenty

Washington D.C.'s politicos haven't quite embraced the meaning of the Second Amendment even in the post-Heller era.

Proposed legislation is laughable for how restrictive it is. My favorite:

Firearms in the home must be stored unloaded and disassembled, and secured with either a trigger lock, gun safe, or similar device. The new law will allow an exception for a firearm while it is being used against an intruder in the home.

Gee, thanks.

—John Snow


Tom Sorenson

Seriuosly? Well, gee, that makes perfect sense. I mean, I can certainly see how storing a gun disassembled is much safer - but then to allow us to reassemble it if we have an intruder in the home? Well, that's just one of the neatest laws I've ever seen! Of course, I'll have to post a note on my windows and doors that says, "Intruders: this house is open for intruding by RSVP only. Please call ahead of time so that I can have my firearm reassembled when you arrive. Thank you for your cooperation."

Seriously, how can someone be so out of touch with reality to even think that law makes any sense?


Maybe the mayor should have to drain all the polluting fluids from his car each night and store them in leak-proof containers overnight - only to be reopened and used when he wants to drive!~

Jim Kiser

If you all want a real belly shaker, read the whole law and its attachments. The best one is after completing all the tests and training you get approved to buy an revolver (Semi autos are outlawed). The police give you the form allowing you to buy one. Trouble is there are no firearms dealers in the District. So you have to go to Va. Or Md to buy a revolver. But the law says the Md or Va dealer must ship the revolver to a dealer in the District. So you still can't buy one Pretty neat, Huh. What you need is a judge to throw the city council, the mayor , the police chief and the city attorney in jail for contempt of court. Never happen though. And with Osama obama about to be elected by all the Alice in Wonderlanders things aren't looking good.


What a *ick.

Robert McDowell

How can this be happening?
It seemed to me that "HELLER" was pretty straight forward.
The permit to buy/no dealer in D.C. bit should be able to be struck down. It's the equivalent to the Feds. legalizing pot for sale but having to buy the tax stamp but not selling the stamps. That, if I remember my History Channel correctly, was shot down.
I agree with Jim Kiser about throwing the fools in jail and about (my state of Illinois') Senator Barrack Hussein Obama's horrible record of abuses towards us "dim-witted" legal gun owners/users.
Like they say (and still do)in Chicago "Vote early and vote often".