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August 07, 2008

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Gun Grill

Gun_grille_2 This has to rank pretty high as one of the coolest summer BBQ accessories ever. I wonder if the porting at the muzzle vents smoke.

—John Snow


Jim in Mo.

Every memorial day the local organizations-Am. Legion, VFW, etc-meet at the local park and have quite a BBQ cookout. Can you imagine if someone showed up with a setup like this? They couldn't cook enough ribs.


I hope this guy puts together the plans for this grill and posts them here or on gunbroker.com or on the NRA website so the rest of us can build one too!

If the plans are available, we could build one for auction for returning soldiers and FNRA child safety programs, as well as great food.

And what a trailer for the local Memorial Day Parade!