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August 27, 2008

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Guns and Gustav

We just got a call from Devline Rossell, a charter captain based out of Venice, Louisiana. He was shopping in New Orleans to get some supplies before the arrival of Gustav (currently listed as a tropical storm that has left at least 22 dead in the Caribbean) and reported that the item most in demand was not food, clothing or shelter.

“I just left a sporting goods store and you would think that the number-one selling item would be plywood or potable water or gasoline right now,” he said. “Apparently it is AR-15s and .223 ammo. I watched at least 20 people buy AR-15s and cases of .223.”

Can’t say I’m surprised. After the nightmare that was Katrina I think it would be unwise for anyone to assume the state, local or federal government could guarantee his or her personal safety during a natural disaster. Of course, I think it is foolish to assume that under any circumstance.

The AR buying spree demonstrates that people don’t think of it as an “assault weapon” but rather an arm that is ideally suited for self-defense, which it is. I also suspect that for some of the folks this is their first firearm. Goes to show that not only is there no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole but that there is no such thing as a gun-control advocate in one either.

—John Snow

Update: How would Obama feel about letting the citizens of New Orleans defend themselves with ARs? I doubt he'd approve.


Old Guy

It would be a cold day in Hell when any woman told me that I could not keep ammo in my house. She wouldnt live there any longer. Holy chit, where are your balls?

Obviously most posters have never been in a firefight and certainly never killed anyone. It aint like TV. Rack the slide. Hell ya, turn on your neon sign that says, Here I am.


Obama is going to make a great president!

the Deets

Insured by HK.

I carry numerous policies of significant calibre.

In a world of compromise, some men don't.

the Deets

FYI. . .

An excellent weapon of choice for the self-D#### of your better 1/2 is the com-bloc 9x18mm Makarov. Last time I looked, the most expensive Makarov was just over $200. Look for, naturally, the versions made in Germany. There are other quality versions, I think, I just like German engineering. Its 'tight-group' is even a little sexy since those irrepressible ruskies 'horked' or 'based'(pc) the design on Walther's PPK.
Economically speaking, does anyone really feel all that comfy with leaving a $5-600 weapon in your ride at work if guns are verboten in your office? Not to mention the real possibility of a case of absent-minded road-rash inflicted upon that piece of chrome-plated liquid capital shoved between the seat and the console.
The Mak was designed as a sidearm for people of a smaller general stature, yet the caliber is just a bit smaller than 9mm. It has the balance, engineered feel, and accuracy of the PPK, but still a more potent calibre than a .380. It is also easy to field-strip and has light recoil. Paired with hollows, it lives in my console save the regular lube due to humidity. If it gets ripped-off, there's always the gunshow.


Went to the gun range with my m1 Garand. A few national guardman were there shooting there m16. I asked if he would like to shoot the Garand.He said what gun is this? I said it was the main battle gun used in ww2 and korea. He didnt know how to shoot it so i showed him.He then complAined that it was to powerfull with KICK! TIMES HAVE SURELY CHANGED!

Remo Williams

For the poster who was wondering about what upper to get, Im turning my A2 style AR into a flattop,

Im gonna get an LMT upper to put on mine. I already have a new Bravo company bolt for mine when I change it over along with a new aimpoint sight,

A helpful hint. Wolf 62 grain 223 ammo is cheap and good..as long as you clean your gun afterward.

Mine is loaded with 62 grain Hornady TAP ammo for home defense.


"I repeatedly dry fire at my neighbor's heads, just to keep sharp."

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks, I haven't had a belly laugh like that in a loooong time.

I've never been in a gun fight either, and I aim to keep it that way, if at all possible. A guy could get killed in that situation, and it might not necessarily be the bad guy. I want no part of that unless I have absolutely no option. If that makes me a chicken, so be it.


A dog, a 12 guage, and a back up pistol(or two)-with laser sights...plus cell phone. That's the best recipe for self defense in your home.


any thief entering your home is like an invader on unfamiliar territory. YOU know the terrain....they don't. Your job is to cut-off their ability to reach your family or you with practical deadly force; and to have the guts and training to use it.

Homeowner's insurance is there to keep you from facing the perp's family in civil court beacuse you killed his sorry ass over a television set.....keep that in mind as you lie in wait in the dark with your Colt .45 or 12-guage.....

If it's a race/riot scenario, and the bad guys are coming for you because of your color, your class, how you voted, or how you choose to pray......then by all means have that M1-A Scout and a few freshly-rotated .308 20-round mags ready.

But don't forget to pray.....and after the shitstorm, should you survive it, don't forget to repent as well.

Obama is NOT the answer....but McCain is not the solution either....


Kilted FMFDoc

Well...It seems to me that my instincts are in line with the times. Be assured Sen. Boxer & her slut friend Feinstein are packin', those anti gun lobbyist hypocrits. Guns, Ammo Food,Fuel,More Ammo,Medical supplies, medicine, camping gear & back up all your important crap on a 500gB external hard drive. Don't forget plenty of Common Sense & an equal amount of H20, Booze & Cigs for good measure for barter & cash on hand. Oh, don't forget the MkII protective mask along with yellow rain coveralls & outer boots & many rolls of Visqeen & duct tape.

I have my uncle's pass down M1911 A1 45 ACP. I fam fired it a few years ago, the gunsmith said it was in VERY VERY good condition, & would fetch a good price.My SKS (piece o' crap)on the other hand has it's flaws. I want an M1 or an M14, along with a Mossberg 570. Birdshot my ass!
I am thinking for close combat my .45 ACP, & if the shithammer falls & the bad guys want to loot my hood, my weapon of choice really is the M-14, over an AR-15. Ultimately a BAR with plenty of ammo will stop a gang of looting merderous thugs. I like the idea of Claymores, either the kind you detonate or use a trip wire, or a real Scottish Claymore 33-42" blade!
HINT: I have small 1/2 inch gravel in my driveway & around the sides of my home which will give away an intruders footsteps, & motion sensing lights. Of Course if the Perp get's past the dog, that's as far as he gets...Gotta love the stopping power of a .45.
By the way, I was told by a County Sheriff, I could have as many loaded firearms in plain sight, but get caught with a pair of NunChaku Sticks, I go to jail. Go figure. Remember in November:
Oh, & the DI who's wife won't let him keep ammo, maybe he should turn in his guns as well. Guns are not EVIL, People who do EVIL things ARE EVIL!
Caber Feidh
Doc Out.


AK smokes AR all day, bunch of gun rubbing, dime shooting gimps, ohhh, my AR is dirty, boo-hooo.

both suck for home defense, bullet travels too far.

shotgun is best home defense, #8 low brass is the best load, stopped by two sheets of sheetrock, not the baby in the next room.