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August 29, 2008

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Who Is Sarah Palin?

Sarahpalinsm Who is Sarah Palin, the surprise pick for John McCain’s running mate? Well beyond the obvious—that she is a political newcomer who managed to become governor of Alaska—not much is known about the 44-year-old Republican.

Sportsmen and gun owners will be interested to know that she is a lifelong NRA member and lists “hunting” as her number-one area of interest on the “Sarah Palin For Governor” web site.

—John Snow

Update: The unauthorized version of McCain's phone call. (H/T: Glenn)



From everything that I have read about her, she is a winner. From an article that I read about her From a magazine from Alaska. She is a NRA member. She made it big in politics because of her fight against political corruption. Surprisingly, most of this corruption that she is fighting is from "big oil" buying off politicians. She is also a hunter too.


On top of being in the NRA and an avid hunter she is also kind of hot...I'm just saying haha


I just blogged a little piece on her that fills in a few details and contrasts her with Him Who Shall Not Be Named.


Long goofy link, but I'm not quite that web savvy. I live up here in Alaska.


I don't know just how hard she fights big oil as her husband works for BP!

She is also in favor of shooting game from aircraft, Hardly my idea of "Fair chase".


As an Alaskan resident I must take umbrage with candyman's post. First of all she is not advocating "fair chase" hunting of wolves/bears from planes, but it is rather a limited predator control program administered by State Fish and Game Bioligists, which recently recieved 55% voter approval in the recent primary elections. As for her husband working for BP... well so does half the state. And he ain't exactly a white collar worker, but a production manager... bet you couldn't work the North Slope in January.

David Adams

I heard someone from the Alaska Game Department discuss this program on NRANews.com's Cam and Company program a while back and he said exactly what Chillij56 posted - the program Candyman mentions is predator control.


She remind's me a little bit of old "Give 'em Hell Harry Truman!" Not afraid to call a spade a spade! Certainly a refreshing change from most waffling politician's today. Spark's fly off this lady. The fact that she's a hottie doesn't hurt either. I would definitely give her a 10!


I was not aware that this pratice was being billed as predator control. But seriously, If these animals are so far from people that you need an airplane to get within shooting range are they really a threat to anyone?

Omar Greene

I'm an avid hunter. I have always believed that the 2d Amendment is an individual right, along with the other individual rights in the Bill of Rights.

But, I don't care how many rounds Gov. Palin has capped off or how many moose she has bagged. She is not qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Also, she ain't what she says she is. As mayor and governor she loved earmarks and may have abused her authority trying to have her bro-in-law fired. She wants to ban certain books (what about the 1st Amendment as well as the 2nd?) She wants all our kids to practice abstinence, but can't control her own. She levels mean and nasty criticism, but any questions about her are off limits and "sexist."

Sen. McCain, a good man and true hero, picked her purely for political reasons -- this was a bad call, not in the best interests of the country and out of character for John McCain.
But, I do agree that she is attractive, confident, and can read a Bush speechwriter's words well from a telepromoter.

Ralph Halvorsen

WRT Omar Greene's comments about Gov. Palin, you might want to get your facts straight before you quote. Look at what is coming out in the press about the state cop involved and his habits like tasering his 10 yr old son, drinking in his patrol car and threatening her family members.

Secondly you might read Ron Kesslers column on NewsMax and find out about her speech, written by her and the ad-libbing when the tele-prompter didn't work.Classy lady who deserves better than to be trashed by the liberal press. But that's politics and she can handle it. As we said in the Navy, stand by for heavy rolls!:-))