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September 17, 2008

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Hunters: The Real Green Warriors

With all the Palin bashing that has erupted among the Coastal Elite, and the corresponding horror being voiced about hunters (“Did you hear? Sarah Palin has shot hundreds of wolves from an airplane!”), there was a worthwhile op-ed that ran in the Washington Post about the green values of hunters.

Steve Sanetti, the head of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, expressed very eloquently the eco-friendly nature of our passion:

Begun well over a century ago, the success of modern conservation can only be fully understood against the backdrop of historical slaughter for markets that took 40 million buffalo to the brink of extinction and 5 billion passenger pigeons beyond it. It was hunters who led a revolution of new values, new science and new approaches for responsible use of these resources. Seasons, game limits and wildlife conservation funds all came from hunters, and we are immensely proud of that effort. Because of us, white-tailed deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, wild turkeys, wood ducks and hundreds of other cherished life forms transitioned from vanishing to flourishing.

And this:

Our very identity clings steadfastly to stewardship of land, clean water and air, intimate knowledge of natural communities, and careful interaction with the good earth -- because that's how we've ensured abundant wildlife and good hunting for more than 100 years.

For us, the amusing irony is that American society, which has looked down its nose at hunters more sternly with each passing generation, is discovering that camouflage has been a primary shade of green all along.

An excellent essay.

—John Snow


David V. Dahlin

Finally, for the first time since Teddy Roosevelt, do we hunting enthusiasts have a place at the table of government which is sorely needed.


To show how deeply some democrats are rooted: I showed this article to another old codger (like myself) and told him that he should at least have one good word to say about Sarah Palin, as he constantly bashes the Michigan DNR for protecting our local wolfs (he believes they eat all the deer - which I haven't seen a decline in for several years). Guess what: My friend actually would rather have the wolves than Sarah. I guess you just can't please a democrat. (PS : he hunts, but firmly believes Obama had no intent to take any of his guns, just those damn assault rifles!) I guess all I can do is void out his vote come election day.


Just because she hunts does not mean she is the second coming of Teddy R. Her records indicates she not only cares little about the enviroment, but she doesn't know much either, she lies every time she opens her mouth. I tell ya what, I think everyone I know hunts, that has no bearing on whether they are fit to lead a country. Believe it or not there are some things bigger than gun control, like the economy, foreign relations etc. that mccain and palin have no clue about


As Bill O'Reilly would say " Jonny watch that Kool aid your'e drinking."


Yea well he also thinks the same people that drove us into this great economic boom we are currently in is not at any fault to GWB


When they anounced Sarah Palin I thought it was a political stroke.BUT, she has to prove herself and defend her honesty, She is not doing that very well. Gov Palin has backed down from her challenge to look at her record. Mr Palin needs to man up and answer about what he has been doing. These people are strangers and it is THEIR responsibility to prove their integrity. They should have expected scrutiny.

Mr Obama wants my guns. Mr McCain wants to for me to work for poor wages with no benefits for my children and I. Whom so ever wins represents to the world who and what America stands for.
Either way it goes I am in for a hard, tough fight for another eight years.

Chris H.

Bryce, the only person that can do anything about your wages and benefits looks you right in the eye every time you shave. It is not now and hopefully never will be the President's or government's job to increase your wages or provide you with benefits. I personally have no interest in any part of the money I work for going to provide wage supplementation or benefits to anyone other than those I choose. Let me keep my guns and my money!

don mitchell

Chris H.
great post,as for Jonny, YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO BED,WITH YOUR BA BA.


the reason anti hunters and anti gun people constantly accuse us (hunters and shooters) of being murderers and heathens is because they simply do not understand the sport we know and love and they make iggnorant comments that are not true and could not be farther from the truth because they dont understand what they are accusing us of and they dont try to understand any thing about our sport and thus remain iggnorant fools.