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September 24, 2008

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Pink Is The New Black

Hellokittyar15 Speaks for itself. This gets my vote as the ultimate tool for recruiting new shooters.

—John Snow


jersey pig

interesting but i don't think you would see me shooting it at the range. or anywhere else.


Love it! Would'nt have a problem in the world shooting that fine piece. Bet my wife would love it!

Tom G

Black rifles can be banned. But who would ever ban a pink rifle? Suddenly it is your daughter's weapon that is at risk.


Well, maybe for new shooters who are girls. May I suggest that a Cub-Scout blue and gold might be more appropriate for the boys? Not that there is anything wrong with evil pink rifles....


i love it! if hello kitty contacts you, i get first dibs on this. i know where your office is......

Eric Shelton

I've got nothing to prove, and would shoot it just for the comedy factor. And if somebody asked me why I was shooting a "girl's" rifle, I'd look 'em dead in the eye and tell 'em I was "showing solidarity with the women and homosexual community who were forced into victimization by gun control".

Spin 'em ALL on their ears.


Tom G
Who would ban a pink gun? The mayor of New York City