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September 25, 2008

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Rock River Arms Entry Tactical

Rra_entry_tactical_2 Here’s a better view of the RRA Entry Tactical I just got. The scary thing about this photo is that this is the least cluttered of my three workbenches. My reloading bench is piled high with so many components, gauges and other gizmos that I barely have room to pull the lever on my press.

Another of my favorite tools, for working on ARs at any rate, is in this picture. It is the lower receiver vise block I’m using to secure the rifle in place. It slips into the magazine well and clamps into your vice. Creates a super-steady platform for working on your favorite “evil” gun.

—John Snow


jersey pig

this is why i don't get into reloading. it's not a lack of my interest. it's my lack of space.