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October 28, 2008

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Gun Sales Are Up. The End Of The World Is Nigh.

This interesting article in the Washington Post highlights the forces driving the boost in firearms sales this year. According to the story, sales of firearms and ammunition are up 8 to 10 percent in 2008 compared to 2007.

The biggest factor cited by the buyers and gun store owners is, not surprisingly, the presidential election and the worry that an Obama administration will restrict gun rights through bans and other means. The poor condition of the economy also has an effect.

Gun buyers were more likely to say they were responding to the political situation than to the economy, and all but three people said they feared that Obama would restrict gun rights. Two who indicated that they would support Obama anyway said their concerns about the economy and health care outweighed those about gun rights.

Most buyers who emphasized the economy said they thought the worsening situation could lead to an increase in crime and jeopardize their safety. A few said they were buying guns as an investment.

"Look at the political situation and the financial situation," said Fred Russell, owner of Russell's Gun Emporium in Hagerstown, Md. "It's common sense. People are scared."

This is a double-barrel vote of no confidence for Obama from sportsmen. Not only are our gun rights at risk, but we don’t think Obama’s economic prescriptions are going to cure our economic woes either.

We’re voting with our wallets before we head to the polls—sadly it seems our prediction is that we’re going to be the losers.

—John Snow


Eddy A.

Obama's history is enough to make anyone a 'bitter clinger.'

..from our cold dead hands right?

Tom Obuhanych

If you go to a library that has very old American Rifleman magazines..in the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's..etc. You will find articles with scare tactics worrying readers about gun control, gun rights lost, taking our guns...never happened & never will.
Its the same old B.S. arguments.
There are too many guns out there already for any possible control...and a President can't do anything by himself. The legislators are bound to their voters & won't commit political suicide by offending millions of gun owners. No way. Look at Clinton's election...we were going to lose all our gun rights then.,,never happened & never will.Thinking outside the box, again, instead of panic like herd cattle...say Obama is elected...that's one less Senator voting for gun control. We truly live in a society than is unthinking...just so easy to worry about the Gov't taking our guns, etc. Never will happen.
Nevr has & never will, our gun owners have too much political clout. All the scare is to worry people to vote for a political gun favor side...but guess what...it makes no difference..we
will always have our guns. The gov't taking them away is a tired, old argument...look at history? We still have our sporting guns & always will.


Tom Obuhanych is quite the blind optimist!

The Clinton Gun Ban was just the prequel to what the Pelosi-Reed-Biden trilogy has planned. The only reason it wasn't reapproved was that the Republicans could rely on several Democrats in Congress to help us - now there won't be those same numbers for our guns to be safe. If the American people give Obama a filibuster-proof Senate to him, then the Dems can pass any gun law, whether a direct outright ban or the first of many "thousand cut" laws, then the availability or legality of many, if not most, of our precious firearms and ammunition will be out of reach.

I may buy one new gun, but I'm stocking up on reloading components and gunsmithing tools, and shopping the last remaining gun shows (fewer and fewer here in CT) to see if there are any guns I want and can afford.

Tom, also remember the UN. A "Presdient Obama" can sign an international treaty which severely restricts small arms and by our present Constitution, that will become the law of the land, despite the 2nd Amendment! If you don't believe me, read our US Constitution and check with the NRA!

You're the one living in the clouds and fog!