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October 29, 2008

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Illegal Record Keeping In Delaware

The Delaware State Police have been caught breaking the rules regarding gun purchase records. This came to light after the police refused to authorize the purchase of a firearm by a woman because of her age, gender and the fact that she hadn’t purchased a gun ever before.

Never mind that a person’s age and gender are not valid reasons to deny a purchase—the fact that the police have apparently been keeping a database of gun purchase records illegally has many gun-rights advocates up in arms.

According the article, Delaware’s database goes back at least seven years.

The story quotes John Thompson, who is president of the Delaware State Sportsmen's Association, the local affiliate of the NRA.

"This suggests two violations: one is denial without cause, and the other is keeping records of gun purchases," Thompson said. "Under statute, the Delaware State Police are required to destroy any purchase records that involve approvals. Now they're maintaining lists of gun owners, which we think is inappropriate. We did not create this system to allow this to happen."

The woman’s husband isn’t happy about this either:

"Apparently, they thought she might shoot herself with it," said J.R. Vansickle, 83. "She has a clean record. There was no reason to turn her down. I lost both legs through diabetes. I'm in a wheelchair. We're an elderly couple. She wanted the gun for self-defense in our home."

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to learn that Delaware isn’t the only state that has been illegally keeping tabs on who owns guns. (Via Glenn.)

—John Snow



So where are the law groups to help this woman or did I miss something in the US supreme court ruling. Sheesh this country is definitely becoming Marxist.