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October 02, 2008

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McCain: 'Obama Puts Your Guns At Risk'

Addressing an audience of 1,300 hunters and anglers via satellite on National Hunting & Fishing Day, Republican Sen. John McCain warned sportsmen attending a U.S. Sportsman's Alliance “Save Our Heritage” Rally in Columbus, Ohio, that they shouldn’t believe Democrat Barack Obama when he says he supports gun rights.

“If Senator Obama is elected president, the rights of law-abiding gun owners will be at risk,” said McCain, who called himself a “committed conservationist” and avid angler, admitting that he does not hunt but “give(s) ground to no one in my defense of the Second Amendment.”

Working the Ohio-based crowd, McCain reminded them of Obama’s comments at a California fund-raiser in April, when Obama said that the economic climate has led to people in small towns in Ohio and Pennsylvania to “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”

McCain called the comments “unguarded” and said that they “reflect the common Washington view that the Second Amendment is a quaint custom that must now yield to the judgment of modern enlightened opinion” and that the words made it clear that, if elected, Obama would support gun control.

McCain’s remarks to the hook-and-bullet-friendly crowd over the weekend were predictable, according to Obama’s camp. At an appearance in Ohio earlier this month, regarding Republicans’ attempts to garner support from sportsmen, the Illinois senator said: “They’re going to say ‘He’s going to try to take away your guns.’

“Let’s get the record straight,” said Obama. “I believe in the Second Amendment. Nobody who’s a hunter out here or a sportsman needs to worry about their guns in an Obama administration.”—Dan Armitage



“Let’s get the record straight,” said Obama. “I believe in the Second Amendment. Nobody who’s a hunter out here or a sportsman needs to worry about their guns in an Obama administration.”

Unless you own a semi-auto or handgun. When completing a questionnaire as a state senator, Obama said he believed in banning both.



I trust Obama as far as I can punt him.


It's going to be hard to beat Obama, he's got the democratic liberal press behind him, all the anti gun groups are pushing hard to get out the vote, as well as a lot of the young people in this country who honestly think it will be a change for the good. Let us not forget many of the poor or semi poor who back him thinking they will get more of a free ride. I have a friend who lives a few miles away and stops in about once a week. He hunts and owns guns. He cannot draw Soc Sec because he didn't work long enough to gather enought points, he lives on what he can buy at garage sales and sell on e-bay plus 100% VA benefits and doing side jobs like selling scrap metals and striping junk cars for the copper and other metal. He readily admits he is voting for Obama because he thinks there will be more handouts, he also openly states he "dosn't pay taxes so dosn't give a damn what it cost the taxpayer as long as he gets his", besides he says we got it all wrong "Obama isn't against hunting guns, just them automatics and pistols that don't have any use in the woods". God help us come election day. I'm an old fart too, and the best I can do is vote the other way to CNX out my old friends vote.

LeRoy NY of the woods

I hope people wake up to the fact that they will be giving up alot more then thair guns, think about it. MONEY,FREEDOM,YOUR PROPERTY. The list is endless.

Walt Smith

My wife and I are for McCain/Palin. We both feel that he is a American HERO who you can damn well believe will do everything right for his country. Sara Palin is a absolute little fireball who, when she gets her feet solidly into washington soil , is going to raise hell with the fat cat democrats and pork belly republicans who through their greed and lobbying have put this country in the shape its in. Obama will just be the african american who somehow beat hillary.