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October 17, 2008

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Pink Remington 870

Model_870pink_81150It’s hard to argue that pink guns aren't a trend. SayUncle has been tracking the phenomenon for a while.

This cute shotgun is one of the new products Remington is coming out with next year. With spacers that can go between the butt pad and the stock you can adjust the length of pull for a young, growing shooter. I think I might need to get one of these for my girl. It will go very well with her purple 10/22.

—John Snow


jersey pig

one half of me is delighted to see that this is happening to help stoke interest in the shooting sports amongst a broader market and maybe get some more females involved.

the other half, which i suspect is some of my grandfathers genetic code that was passed down to me says, good lord what the hell is this!!!!!

and i bet im not the only one who thinks this.


Okay, I like this better than the last pink 870 they came out with, but I guess a pink 12ga is too much to hope for. :)