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October 23, 2008

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Where the First and Second Amendments Meet

Some home-spun constitutional law. Via Michael Bane.

—John Snow



I also find it interesting that he wrote "Palin-McCain" instead of the other way around. I wonder who he's actually voting for!


For all the Obama supporters, To make an informed decision Google "Obama's Laundry List Of Lies" You will learn facts about this man the Media wont tell you.
Ask yourself "Why hide facts from a voter?" Im sure some Germans could answer.


I'll be keeping watch in my neighborhood with my "Patrol Rifle" when Obama loses; or IF Obama wins. There's sure going to be rioting in either case.


I will also be voting Palin-McCain, in that order. I just think that Palin is the best hope for keeping our hunting and shooting. McCain says he will, but he admits he isn't a hunter, we know that Palin is. As for the other two running on the democratic ticket. I honestly feel with them at the helm we will loose a lot of our firearms and most likely hunting will be in jeopardy as well.