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November 05, 2008

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Hope And Change: Barack Obama On Gun Rights

Barack_1 Hope and change. Those are the two catchphrases that Sen. Barack Obama used to power his campaign to a decisive victory yesterday in his successful bid to become the next president of the United States.

During the long campaign, Sen. Obama made numerous promises and pronouncements to the crowds he addressed across the country, touching on every topic imaginable—the economy, the war, health care, climate change, energy policy and so on—down to, and including, the Second Amendment.

The promises he made on this subject are not ambiguous. He says he’ll recognize and support the Second Amendment as an individual right. He says we have no reason to be fearful that an Obama administration will seek to take away our guns or curb our freedoms. He spent a lot of time preaching this message to the “bitter clingers,” trying to earn trust, or at least allay suspicion.

To say that those who care deeply about the Second Amendment are skeptical about Obama’s promises puts it mildly—mostly because Obama’s record on gun-rights issues is equally unambiguous.

Throughout his career he has supported bans on “assault weapons” and the right to concealed carry. He has supported lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry and has put forth proposals to increase taxes on ammunition by as much as 500 percent. He’s been in favor of limiting the number of guns a person can purchase over the course of a month and restricting sales of handgun ammunition and ammunition. In fact, during his political career there has not been a piece of anti-gun legislation he hasn’t thrown his weight behind.

Yet he’s promised to keep his hands off our guns and off the Second Amendment.

Here’s to the hope that Obama will keep his word. Here’s to the hope that Obama will change.

—John Snow



Hope? NONE, Depression/recession - on the way. Change? One special interests lackey replaces another (Bush); some change. The opportunity for change was blown. A quick glance at the red and blue map will tell you which states have common sense , and which COMPLETELY lack it.
I would be happy if BHO and other government officials would respect the rights of law abiding citizens [and appoint judges that READ the law]. Counting on a politician [BHO] to keep his word...it would be best if everyone keeps a close eye on the store. JMH

Eddy A.

hope that he'll keep his word? yeah right.

I am currently practicing my bitter clinger skills.


the problem is the country is very split on whether the individual is the basis of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or the government. Right now what I consider the "supreme state" people are winning the arguement. Are there any real Americans left like the Founding Fathers? We are about to find out.


We need to remember that as a SENATOR, Obama represented an area that HAS and WANTS relatively strict gun and ammunition control. This is partly in response to high rates of hand gun violence in the district. As a representative of that district, is was Obama's duty to look after the interests and speak to the concerns of that group of people. The agenda and political reality is different for a president.

The truth in this country is that we like guns. More so than in any other country, they are a part of our national heritage and identity. Even people who don't like guns generally believe in the sanctity of out right to have them. There are certain vocal elements of our society that probably would like to ban guns, and they do a wonderful job of filling the coffers of the NRA and other pro-gun organizations by instilling fear in sportsmen that our gun rights are in danger. The political reality, I believe, is that there is not a single politician in America popular enough to take our guns. At the NATIONAL level, any attempt to take our guns would be tatamount to political suicide. The only people who would be willing to support or to overlook that plank in a candidate's platform are very far to the left. Morover, I can assure you that MANY political lefties are unwilling to support such a plan. I know, I am one of them. With the nearly unanimous support of gun ownership on the right, strong support among moderates, and strong support among the rural left, support of heavy-handed gun control is a virtual guarantee of defeat at the polls.

Coming from that position, and as a sportsman, I need to consider the other things that will alow me to go out hunting and fishing. Recession...not coming, it's here. A lot of people like me in the middle class can't afford health insurance. For the vast majority of Americans, Obama's tax and health plan's will put more money in our pockets. Moreover, I believe environmental pprotections under Obama and the democratic congress are more likely to contribute to the enduring quality of game animal and game fish habitat.

By all means, vote as a sportsman. I know that sporting issues were certainly in my mind when I cast my ballot on tuesday. Just consider the danger of being a knee-jery single issue sportsman.

On a side/related note - I was looking at the various plans currently under consideration for withdrawl from Iraq. It struck me how much I'm hoping for our troops to be back in the woods of America, hunting deer or ducks instead of in the sands of Iraq hunting other human beings. Praying for the timely return of every one of them. Good luck folks. Come home safe.


To Late! from his transition site http://change.gov/agenda/urbanpolicy/

"Address Gun Violence in Cities: As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets."


It is really amazing the number of people who bought into the outright lies that the Dems laid out there. Some of the idiots that constsntly said that Body Odor and Mr. Plagarism wouldn't take their guns will soon be on here crying the blues. Well they will till this site along with others are shut down bt the DEMs. Bottom line we are are own worst enemy. Prepare to be a serf.


Anybody have a link to the proposal on the tax increase on ammunition. Tryin to find it, but not having much success.


As a lawabiding citizen, a ex-Marine and a retired lawenforcement officer, hunter and sportsman, I think that every citizen in the United States has a right to own any type of firearm that they want as long as they are not crminals, mental impaired etc. I do not think any governmeent agency should have the right to restrict or ban anything !! People wake up !! It is ok for the gunbanners to yell freedom of speech, freedom to worship as they please, freedom for a woman to have the right to an abortion, freedom to have a same sex marriages, etc, but IT IS WRONG FOR ME TO WANT a gun or for that fact a million guns if I choose to have that many ???? What makes them have more rights than me ? What makes their rights more important than mine ?? I hear you OBAMA !! Equality, share the wealth, won't touch our guns !!!??? WE WILL SEE!!!


to all who read this.....when you purchase your new gun or look at the one you have .....remember!!!!!!!guns made today have a life expectancy of 250-300 years...do you really believe that those who want guns removed from this country will wait that long?
be smart buy extra parts for the guns you have and buy an ample supply of ammo that you will not shoot! factory ammo will last for years......

something for all to ponder ...if in your lifetime a confiscation law was passed because of some heinous act.......will you surrender your weapons or will you use them to retain your freedoms?


I trust my own instincts. Obama is not an honorable or trustworthy man. We should never have allowed these characters to gain this much control over our lives.


The Bill of Rights were formed and placed into the Constitution so that the Individual RIGHTS of the people could never be taken away in the case of our government becoming to large and overbearing! Obama's voting record shows that he has and will continue to stifle more than one of those rights! When the public cant own (or afford) guns, the criminals still will! Hopefully BHO wont bankrupt our AMERICAN firearm producers.


Lord,.. thought i had stumbled into the true epicenter of right wing paranoia,. until I read the posts by Dustin & Charlie & Duane.

Just lately by an attney I know who is anti-gun ( actually the guy anti everything yuk yuk )
I am given to understand that the supreame court ruled the second amendment to be a right as apposed to a privlige.

So while we need to be aware of Cevland Armory ( PETA) and his ilk,.( sierra club int ??.) we are better served at this point to take a wait and see approach with Mr Obama.

The "Howdy Duty leadership we have is nothing more than children in adult bodys playing in the sand box ( the sand of course being our tax dollars) of politically powerful and connected.

Evidenced by you me and Joe the Plumber.Now stuck a bail out tab of a tab of some 75 +/- billion and that folks trust me is just a start.
Ten billion a month for war ( 2)
and 50 billion again +/- to fix what we bombed in the frst place.
The last time I looked the bill was about 8K for every man woman and child in the US,..
and f course that is an estimate.

Additionally I would like to say that if you are looking for a cause ,. get on the health care and insurance reform bandwagon.
I hear people complaining about the price of ammunition,..
(There is war on folks,. again curtesy of the GOP & ole G w Bush) and Im dead assed cetain because I know some.
IE:The good folks represented here in go to work, into the woods,..and down the road to the local watering hole.
With a wife and kid or two at home and NO health insurance. For God sakes what happens to them if you take a bullet or get one to many in ya ,. or just some damn accidient happens.
Loose your house if you have one ? Very likley my friends very likely.

Hospitals and insurance co's do not overly concern themselves with whats on your table,. or what Christmass is gonna be like for you kids ,.. not to mention your wife,. or significant other once you walk out the door carrying the bill.If you walk out the door,.. carying the bill.

Now that is a cause I will, do and have gotten behind. But I'll tell Ya what,. change and or relief aint comin from ole GWB or his bunch.

Think about it.
There is simply too much money in the sale of guns gear and ancelary equipment
( IE it provides jobs and taxes) for Obama to even think about taking your dad's trusty 30-06 or yor recently aquired black
rifle,.. or the 30-30 you inherited or the sweet little 6.5 X 55 in your vault or closet.
It aint good politics boys,..and that is the bottom line.

So who am i to say all this ,..
Im a stock broker who grew up in the mid west.
Born to parents who worked for a living. One of whom was an immagrant from Scandanavia.
We were by no means well off .
My parents did he best they could and at times that meant ,. you eat a littel less today so you have some tomorrow.
Both sets of grand paents were farmers.
I workd on those farms ,. picking corn by hand.
Once in a snow storm intil my fingers bled . I was pretty young but he corn had to get in.

I am a hunter of some 40 odd yeara and I have a few guns.
I am you,.. I am this country ,. but I also have what i consider a slightly better grasp on the econimic situation than say my friend who is a caprenter,. whom I have huntd with since I was mid teens.
I am currently pushing 60.not hard on it but soon enough.So ive survived some major busines upheaval in my life.
I also have international business contacts .
And I can and am here tell you we are the laughing stock of the world right now.
Due primarily to the administration of the last eight years.
Not only that but given the amount of tax those ( in the middle now pay ) it is inmany opinons crimnal not to have NATIONAL HEATH CARE right now today
So cut this Obama guy some slack and see what he can do,..
He's got waaaay bigger fish to fry than our guns.
And he for damn sure isnt gonna start another shooting war.


You think you have a "a slightly better grasp on the economic situation" than the rest of us? Then where were you during the 20th century, Yohan? Trapped in a mine? Socialism was a catastrophic failure. Period.
I also want to point out to you that the defense budget in 2002, the year before we deployed to Iraq, was about $350 billion - war does cost more than peace, but not a whole lot more in the context of an economy like ours. The increase in the defense budget over the past 5 years amounts to an insignificant fraction of the increase in entitlement programs over the same period.
A lot of your speil just doesn't ring true to me. As I'll say again, I trust my instincts, and a lot of this sounds like crude propaganda to me.


P.S.; The rest of us pick corn in the fall - hadn't you noticed? At least try to spell your character's name right - it's "Johan".

Derek (Michigan)

I am an avid outdoorsman. I enjoy shooting sports like trap and skeet as well as hunting and fishing. I feel no need to own automatic weapons. There have been talk in legislation to ban assault type semi-auto weapons. This would include Remington's new predator AR-15 calibrated in .223. One of the nicest guns they have made for the sport. Some would say they are unnecessary, OK. What about when they come for your semi-auto duck gun, then your sons semi-auto .22. It's a slippery slope and all it would take is some anti-gun momentum and all guns go into a pile.
I would hate to see it but the new commander and chief could trigger an avalanche. Watch out below!


So Bob ,.( Had a horse by that name once ,..ornery critter )
1St who made you the spelling cop ?

None the less,.. while its true I dont spell worth a "D" , and no spell check on this blog. When there is coin on the line BOB
I have people who work for me who take caere of that. Think it safe ot say spelling is one of my minor worries in life.

2ond thats my name and thats the way i spell it,. your genius-ness.

3ird its for "D" sure you aint no acountant BOB or attorney neither now how yuk yuk,. and if you are lord help the clients

Also from your text and context no where near "mensa,".. I woud bet.
Interesting I have a brother like you BOB,.. universal expert ,. knows everything about everything.
Nver did figure out how all at once he managed that.

There fore thusly and accordingly your genius-ness

This coming from my God father
who retired and died (in 2007) a Gen with two stars.
The way you calculate war cost is take present budget add the cost of war and then double it cause some slippery SOB's are gonna take advatatage of the situation. Usually poititicians and there business buddies .
IE: Haliburton for example.

Then of course the dreaded socialism ,. Tell ya what BOB.
If your so dead set against any socialistic government forms .
If your old enough (and from the way you come off you just might be) ,..Maybe you wanna give back your social sercurity or donate the rest to Ole G W and friends ,.
They sure as "H" don't need it ,.
But I bet ya one died in the wool corn pickin genius of a Republicann,.. they would take in in a NY minute.

Or if your just a young whipper snapper like me ( late 50's) ,. maybe convice your parents and or other close relatives to fore go the monthy SS check ,. in the furtherance of the Grand old Party ,..
Which is one rotten barrel of apples in my humble opinion ,..
Which of cousre BOB as you know so well (because guys like you know everything) is my inalienable right as an American,.. Right BOB ?

Then of course your spiel on Entitelment programs ,..
I suggest to you sir( making no pretence of politness here ) that you are full of hot air ,..
No numbers not so much as a mention of one single program.and no infornmation sourse ,.. unless of course ,. the source is you.

So ya know what rings true to me BOB
The sound of the wind whistleing into one of your ears and out the other,.. yuk yuk,..

Bob you aint worth talkin to.
After one word ( socialism) your clip is empty.
Same old Buzz word Ive heard for as long as I can remeber,. from people old enough to know better ,.. but to blind or lazy to look at the numbers
Or just so entrenched in the ideology they will never see the light of day.

You have a nice Holiday Bob ,. but do not expect me to give you more time,.and or thought ,.. as Im sure the effort would be competly wasted .