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November 19, 2008

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National Ammo Day

It's not exactly a call to arms, but it certainly is the next best thing. Everyone is being asked to purchase 100 rounds of ammunition this week (or if you're a reloader the equivalent). Helpfully, you don't have to get all your ammo at once: any purchase made this week "counts."

More importantly, if you cannot purchase ammo in your area, the site urges you to contact your local representative and complain.

—John Snow



It sure sounds like a good idea, but for us that are retired and living on a fixed income, it just isn't possible.........not even for .22 shells. It's winter, we eat the cheapest food we can buy and prey that heating cost doesn't go up again.

Harding Dies

I did one better - I bought a reloading press, extra dies (pun) and supplies. Will read everything once before starting, and then away we go.

Also went to WalMart for some of the cheapest ammo prices and bought three different calibers, 250 rounds each - but even they're running short.

Spent today teaching shooting basics to a large Boy Scout Troop and next weekend I'll do the same for our local high school's JNROTC unit.