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November 11, 2008

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Since Election, 'Change' is Underway

In the week since the election of Barack Obama as President, one must admit that—as promised—significant “change” has already taken place in the United States.  

For one thing, residential yards are no longer cluttered by campaign signs. And it’s much more pleasant to listen to the radio or watch television without the barrage of nasty political ads. 

And, oh yeah, firearms sales are surging practically everywhere in the country. 

Just try going online to a news search engine like Google and type “gun sales” and see the results you get. There are recent articles from states including Kansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Utah, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Georgia with quotes and firsthand accounts of how folks are buying all types of firearms in record –shattering numbers. 

For example, CNN reports today that Bernie Conatser, the owner of a gun shop in the Washington suburb of Manassas, Virginia, says sales have doubled or tripled since this time last year. On Saturday, he said, he did as much business as he would normally do in a week. 

“I have been in business for 12 years, and I was here for Y2K, September 11, Katrina,” Conatser said. “And all of those were big events, and we did notice a spike in business, but nothing on the order of what we are seeing right now.” 

The CNN story notes that for the week of November 3 to 9, the FBI received more than 374,000 requests for background checks on gun purchasers—a leap of nearly 49 percent from the same period in 2007. 

Call it real or imagined, many Americans are convinced that the incoming administration and a Democratic-controlled Congress are going to restrict the type and style of firearms the average American may purchase legally, and they’re not waiting around for inauguration day to see what happens.

- J.R. Absher


Larry Mack

If you do not stop using this magazine to publish your personal attacks on all democrats,I will cancel mine as I did NRA and you can sell all your magazines to republicans.I do not think this country was built by one party. You make the call.If that is you call do not send me anymore subscriptions.


Larry Mack - Mr Absher isn't attacking "ALL" democrats. Heck you call that attacking?! But to think that people like Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Kennedy, Kerry or Conyers don't already have some dandy legislation drafted up for the president elect to readily sign is ignorant. And please notice I did refer to him as president elect. Something the mainstream media would not come to terms with the first 4 yrs of GWB.


As a lifelong resident of crook county where the new administration is from, we have been under the democratic party rule for the last century. We have the highest sales tax in the country, generations on welfare, and handguns banned since the eighties. The new president voted to let victims sue the gun manufacturers in one of the 15% of the votes he did vote on(85% of the votes he just voted "present"). As a mortgage banker I think you need to know that his financial advisor"Frank Raines" is the bum that cooked the Fannie Mae books to get us into this mortgage mess, and get his annual 1.2 million dollar bonus. Two years ago the republicans requested a new directorand overhaul of Fannie Mae to stop the looming crisis, but they shot down by the Pelosi posse. and called it personal attack on poor Frank. Please do your homework and quit listening to Madonna for your political insight.


Looks like we can do without your type to begin with then "larrymack". We need to band together as we should have at the election boxes. People like the above poster are the 1s that keep their heads buried in sand and are part of the problem,just as they cry about their rights being infringed upon AFTER it's too late. They expect to reap the benefits while contributing NOTHING useful. You're doing an EXCELLENT job OL,I'll subscribe my daughter to replace "larrymack" so you don't lose circulation.


When I said above poster-that was directed toward larrymack-please forgive any confusion.


Larry Mack: What I blogged was neither a personal attack on all Democrats nor was it intended as partisan. Rather, it was a factual report of what has transpired in gun shops across this country post-election. But don't just take my word for it. Here's a line from today's Boulder Daily Camera, the newspaper of record in one of the most liberal cities in the country:
"Fears that a Democratically controlled federal government could lead to tighter gun laws -- including reviving bans on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines -- has sparked a rush on gun shops across the country, the Associated Press has reported."


Hey Larry Mack, that was a good post. You know, as well as everyone else out here, that Outdoor Life is not going to stop sending your subscriptions just because you voiced your opion on a web site (and that's all it is - YOUR OPION!). Why not carry on through and really teach them a lesson by actually cancelling your subscription......Then again you can say you did, and only the postman and you will know the truth. PS: Say "Hi" to Nancy!


I think we also need to keep an eye on backdoor attempts to curtail legitimate activities. It would be much easier for the libs to drastically increase the taxes on ammo, and that would have nearly the same effect as taking guns out of our hands. After all, if we can't afford the ammo, what good are the guns other than showpieces? We have to make sure to be very vigilant in all aspects of the shooting sports, otherwise we run the risk of being defenseless in a hostile world.


Ill say what were all thinking, F*** Larrymack

I'm in school right now

Larry Mack, like it or not obama has voted against every law or bill that deals with the second amendament (against being anything for stricter laws). Also, he will raise taxes on ammo by 600%. That's not attacking. It's facts.



"Larry Mack, like it or not obama has voted against every law or bill that deals with the second amendament (against being anything for stricter laws). Also, he will raise taxes on ammo by 600%..."

No he has not and most probably will not and cannot.

Therefore, I would ask that each one of you, who continues to reject examples others have given to support their opposing viewpoints, please at least read in its entirety and think about the truth therein from the following "http://www.thebitchgirls.us/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/obama.pdf

I have no desire to call anyone a liar or by anything other than their name. I just ask that you open your mind to the truth from reputable, irrefutable sources (Congressional Record/Registry, etc.) and not lower yourself by dismissing facts as biased media against your viewpoint.

We cannot stop Nancy or Harry when we remain so divided. It is heavily rumored that they have already drafted an amendment to the new Weapons Ban legislation that would give the AG and state Ags the power to ban any weapons for personal ownership that the military and law enforcement use. That would mean your: bolt action and semi-auto rifles (.223, .243, .270, .308, 7mm and two other metric calibers the military and/or civil authorities use); pump and semi-auto shotguns (10ga, 12ga, 20ga minimum); and revolvers and semi-auto hand guns (10mm, 9mm, 40 S&W, .357 and .38).

Chasing Larry away and others like him will not help defeat these "lawmakers" with nothing better to do, nor would what I have seen on F&S posts last week help our cause should the wrong people get ahold of it (even this week's blog had references such as: big assed females" and "other big asses people"), not to mention the out and out racial and racist remarks meant to divide, deride and inflame.

Remember, not all U.S. citizens like guns or hunting; however, many don't care either way. They are the majority who back us/our cause. Let's not alienate them, or we will most assuredly lose. The anti-gunner and anti-hunters are the minority, but they can turn the tables on us easily if they can sway those who don't care, and they have the money to do it. Many have griped about how Obama did that with the uncommitted voters. Believe me, the anit's can do the same with our silent backers if we don't stop the foolish Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative mumbo jumbo.

Point all the fingers you like, but remember the only thing that matters is we are all sportsmen, hunters and/or collectors who are under attack, not parties. We are all citizens of the United States of America and must remain united as hunters, competitors, plinkers, collectors and persons interested in home and personal defense.


I feel it's time we "piss off" a few blind gun owners. An if we are wrong about the up and coming admin. Then I will be the first to come out and say that I was wrong and I'm sorry. But for now.. Bye Bye Mack!!!


Getting a little uncomfortable with what the Democratic Party has become? It's about time. I saw the light years ago. With the Soviet Union gone they are far and away the biggest single threat to our liberties left in this world.